Accommodation in Bulgaria

Accommodation in Bulgaria is generally cheap. There are many hostels and hotels in Sofia with prices starting from 7-8 euros for dorm bed to 20 euros for private room. The hotels are a little bit more expensive but it all depends on your preferences. The staff will welcome you, they mostly speek English well enough. Accommodation in sea resorts is famous for its unkind staff but if you are looking for a place to sleep and don’t want to be threated like a prince/princess, it’s all ok.

Here are some online platforms to book your stay in Bulgaria. Feel free to click at any link to get the discount. – You will find accommodation in almost every city in Bulgaria through Booking. The website is the  the world leader in booking accommodation online for a reasons. Most of the time the cancellation is free and the prices are good.

Booking (25$ off)- There are nice and even cheaper places to stay if you book through Airbnb. I love the idea to stay in a local’s appartment. It’s almost like Couhcsurfing but it’s nicer because you pay for your bed. And the hosts actually try to be nice because that’s the only way they’ll get something out of it. Get 25$ off your first stay with Airbnb if you register now

Airbnb discount  (10$ discount) –  With Yonderbound you actually have the opportunity to earn travel credits which you can use for your next booking, i.e. you receive the opportunity to travel for free! It’s basically not just a booking site, but a monetisation platform. You can find mostly hotels in Bulgaria but soon they’ll add hostels, too. Get 10$ discount on your first booking.