The Do’s and Don’ts While Travelling the UK

travelling in the uk

— Guest post —

The UK, officially known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, makes for an interesting country. Like every other nation, UK too has idiosyncratic patterns in behaviour, language, and culture. Make sure that you strictly adhere to every guideline that has been compiled for a great, blunder-free visit to this stupendous island nation:

1. Begin with the weather. The British love to talk about the weather. It is a time-tested technique and has been known to be one of the most effective means of breaking the ice and kick-starting a conversation in the UK.

2. Do not speak ill of the tube system in London. Every local is ferociously proud of and instinctively protective about it.

3. If you are not form the UK yourself,  then do not even bother to try putting on a British accent. You will only end up becoming the butt of every joke at a hi-tea party.

4. Speaking of tea, the English drink most tea in the entire world. Here tea reigns supreme. Conversations over tea with a Briton can become scintillating. So, go ahead and order a nice, strong cuppa.

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5. Every town and city in the UK is not situated around London. Quit asking the locals that! Hire a car and travel across the country and you’ll get to know things yourself!

6. The silliest thing you could do in the United Kingdom is to compare the country with the United States of America. Don’t grumble about the constant rain or the exorbitant price of fuel. UK is the best! Period.

7. Don’t speak too loudly in Britain. It’s considered uncouth and boorish to do so, especially at public spaces. Most Britons aren’t hard of hearing!

8. Stop saying that the UK has no great cuisine to boast of. It may be true, but you do not have to reiterate the same to a local and earn his ire!

travelling in the uk

9. Not every family in the UK is interested in the royal family. Even if you have a keen interest in the British monarchy, bear in mind that not every Briton is smitten with the royal family. At the same time, don’t be too critical of the Royals in front of a Briton. Britons alone have the right to criticise the blue-blooded family, you see!

10. Language is a tricky thing in the UK. You do not have to answer every time you are asked ‘How do you do?’ Similarly, if you asked that to someone, do not always expect a prompt reply!

Last of all, if you travel in the U.K. and wish to sightsee and explore the country, the incessant rains here are bound to play spoilsport. To travel in comfort without spending a fortune, choose a car rental service which is affordable and offers amazing deals during the holiday seasons.