Top 3 things that surprised me in London


I finally got the chance to visit London. It was sooner than I though it would be so I was pleasently surprised. And finally I can say out loud: I’m in love with London. I think I want to live there. But like every other city there are some things that you simply can’t understand. That was with Paris back in May, that is with London now. Here are the top 3 things that surprised me the most in London. 

1. Bus stops

Apparently, if you want to get on a bus in London you have to signal the driver when he get close to the bus stop. I would never thought of that and, probably, I would’ve spend quite some time on bus stops if I wasn’t with a friend from London. Well, if you are planning to visit the city, keep that in mind. You also have to press the Stop button in the bus when you want to get off.

bus stops

2. Everyone is in a hurry

Why? No one knows. Every single person in London is in a hurry even if there is no particular reason for that. Oh, and let the force be with you if you stop someone from hurrying to nothing. There is also a rule that says you have to keep right on the lift so the ones that hurry can climb the lift faster… It is confusing though – sometimes you have to keep left, sometimes you have to keep right?! Londoners, make your mind already!


3. Safety

I never felt so safe when I travelled. Really. Maybe outside the city there are safety problems but even when I was in Paris I was always looking for my stuff. In London I never thought about my bag, purse or any other belongings while I was walking around the city. I like that feeling and I didn’t expect it at all. 


The other things that suprised me were less shocking. For instance, the lights for pedestrians stay green just a few seconds which isn’t quite enough in my opinion but they seem like used to that. Queuing, oh, queuing. Londoners queue for EVERYTHING! They are obsessed with queus. I got asked if I was queuing at least 5 times during my stay in London when I was just staying in the middle of nowhere. Pretty funny!

Another thing that surprised me was that the bath and the toilet are in different rooms. Quite uncomfortable, but once again, they seem used to it. A lot more shocking to me was the fact that hot and cold water were in separate taps. What if I want to mix them? You thought of that?

Have you been to London? What was the one thing that surprised or even shocked you the most? And what did you like the most?

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