5 Great Tips for Your Skiing Trip With Friends


Skiing trip with friends can be a real fun, when everything is well-planned and organized. You need to decide which resort you are going to, choose an accommodation, necessary sports equipment, proper clothing and, of course, transfer to get to your destination. In this article you will find five essential tips to consider when planning a skiing holiday with a group of friends.

1. Decide on your travel budget

Planning a travel budget is important to make sure you have enough money till the end of your trip. This is an extra budget you will need to pay for ski-lift pass, apres-ski activities, entertainment, food… everything that is not included in your holiday pack. If you don’t have your own ski clothing, ski boots and ski gear, or you simply don’t want to carry any extra luggage with you, you can rent everything from a ski shop, but be ready to pay. The main idea is to plan your approximate budget before you leave, so that you have some extra money in case of unexpected expenses.

 2. Plan your trip ahead

To avoid unnecessary stressful situations, plan your trip ahead. It’s not only about your travel itself, but also about the time and the ways you will be spending it at your ski resort. Think about your so-called timetable on the slopes – decide how much time you will spend skiing and what you will be doing for apres-ski. If you are traveling in a group, it is a good idea to divide responsibilities to make everything go smoothly. It’s easy, and everyone will be responsible for his/her part of a big plan.

Another thing to consider is weather conditions. It is of primary importance to know that at the resort, where you are heading, there is actually snow, so you will be really skiing, not praying snow-Gods for fresh powder.


3. Choose your company

If you are traveling abroad and for a long time, it is always a good idea to go with someone you really know and get along well. New people in the company is always a challenge, taking into account that you will be together almost all the time. No one is perfect. Everyone can have some personal habits, which may seem weird or annoy others. Of course, this should not be the reason to not to travel with your friends and have plenty of fun time and great memories afterwards.

4. Search for group discounts

You can save quite a lot of money by taking advantage of group discounts. More and more ski resorts provide special discounts for people traveling in groups. Depending on a group discount, you can get cheaper flight, accommodation, ski-lift pass, ski or board hire. To get better group discounts, it is recommended to book in summer. This is the time when the discounts are at their highest. You will not only save money, but also get best accommodation.


5. Book a transfer

Booking your airport transfer in advance will keep you from stress, hassle, lines and everything else you wouldn’t like to experience when landing in an unknown country. Private airport transfer is an option you and your friends can use to get to your ski destination on time, in comfort and with no extra spending. There are many companies providing airport transfers to main ski resorts in the Alpine region.

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