6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Book

When you take plenty of photos during your travels, uploading them to social media is a great way to share them with everyone else. But wouldn’t you want to immortalize those memories into something a little more lasting than just a few pixels on the internet?

Photo books are the perfect idea if you want a beautiful, long-lasting memento of your adventures. To help you create the perfect travel photo book, here are some tips:

1. Come up with a story or a theme

Travel photo books should be able to tell a cohesive and engaging story of your globe-trotting adventures—you can’t just throw a hodgepodge of random photos together and hope for the best.

Good results start with a good plan, so the first step is to review your photos and reflect on your experiences. From there, figure out what story you want to tell or what theme is best to help bring harmony and cohesion to your photos.

2. Conceive your design

The photo book’s overall design should help showcase your travel photos and promote your chosen theme. If you’re clueless about how your photo book should look like, search Google or use your favorite Pinterest boards for inspiration.

You can also choose a ready-made design, as most photo book printing services do offer preset designs and layouts for every occasion.

3. Select your best photos

With the design, layout, and theme in mind, review the photos from your travel adventures and select the best ones that fit your target aesthetic. Typically, an 8×8 photo book can fit three to four pictures, and there are around 20 to 40 pages in it, so carefully choose which photos to include.

4. Iron out the specifics

Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Book

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Start with the outer cover. You can choose a custom hardcover printed with a photo from your travels, or even a collage of all the photos you plan to include in the book itself. If you want to keep it simple, photo book companies offer a variety of materials like leather, suede, woven fabric, and more, which come in many different colors.

Next, choose the shape of the book. Landscape orientation with a seamless, lay-flat design is preferred for travel books to accommodate all those panoramic scenery shots, but you can also choose portrait or a square shape if it fits your chosen design and theme.

As for the inner pages, you can choose from a variety of paper types: luster, high gloss, silk, deep matte, linen, and more. Make sure to choose a company that offers 100% professional-grade photo paper for durability and accurate color authenticity.

5. Add a little something extra

This is optional, but if you want your photo book to provide a meaningful depiction of your travels, you can also add some notes or short anecdotes to photos that require a bit of explanation or back story.

Do you document your adventures on Instagram? You can also include pages within the book that show a collage of your Insta-snaps.

Creating the Perfect Travel Photo Book

Image Source: AdoramaPix

6. Choose the right photo book service

Now that everything’s set, it’s time to actually print your book. There are many photo book companies out there, so do your research first. Read reviews of each company and scrutinize their services.

Choose the one that best fits your theme and design preferences, as well as your budget, to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

Author Bio: Liz Pekler is a travel writer and photographer with almost 10 years of experience in the field. When she is not out exploring the world, she likes to share her knowledge about photography and travel through her writing.

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  • Thank you fro talking about having a design in mind when making a photo book. It makes sense that doing this can help you save time and be prepared when you need to. I can see how anyone looking into this would want to find a reliable company to help them with this process and make sure they get the best deal they can.