8 Central Cafes To Work From in Sofia

Looking for a laptop-friendly cafes to work from in Sofia? Working remotely for the last 8 years has thought me to find those comfortable and cosy places in the city – and here’s my list of the favourite ones that I usually go to when I’m back in the city for a few days.

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The Steps

Facebook | Instagram | TheSteps.bg | ul. “Bratya Miladinovi” 12

My go-to place to work from when I’m in Sofia is The Steps – newly opened, very spacious with high ceiling and lots of room. The place is specifically made for events and coworking – there are electricity plugs everywhere and very good wi-fi. The bar offers coffee and drinks only but you can bring your own lunch. They have vegan milk. The Steps is also a queer-friendly place.

cafes to work from in sofia bulgaria

Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen

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Another favourite place of mine is Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen – it is located on the central pedestrian street – Vitoshka. Ignore the outside area and go straight inside or on the second floor – it looks crowded from outside but in reality, there’s almost nobody sitting inside, except during lunch time. I love their food menu and drinks, there are a few seating areas close to electricity plugs and the wi-fi is perfect.

social cafe coworking cafes in sofia

Green Deli Cafe

Facebook | Instagram | GreenDeliCafe.bg| ul. “Bratya Miladinovi” 12

Honestly, this one I go to mainly for the food – their lunch selection is super delicious, they always have vegetarian and healthy options available. It gets a bit noisy around lunch time but any other time, it’s super quiet and cosy. I usually sit on the second floor on the Green Deli on ‘Alexander Stamboliyski” blvd. as it’s close to everything but quiet and cosy enough to get some work done. Green Deli actually have 11 cafe locations in Sofia.

cafes to work from in sofia - green deli

cafes to work from in sofia - green deli

Coffee Fellows

Facebook | Instagram | Coffee-fellows.com| bul. “Vitosha” 52

Another favourite spot on Vitosha street is Coffee Fellows. They have perfect seating area with electrical plugs and a huge window for another favourite activity – people-watching. Their coffee is amazing, and the location is perfect with plenty of lunch options around.


Facebook | Instagram | Photosynthesis.bg| bul. “Vasil Levski” 57

The cafe area on the second floor of Photosynthesis is a nice and quiet space for work. There’s plenty of electricity pockets and great natural light. They always have different art and exhibitions inside.

cafes to work from in sofia - photosynthesis

Barista Coffee & More

Facebook | Instagram | BaristaCoffeeSofia.com | 26-30 “Bacho Kiro” str.

Barista Coffee & More is a long standing favourite in the laptop-friendly cafes list. The place is built with lots of electrical pockets. The coffee is great and there are some small snacks there. It might get more busy and noisy than the other cafes on this list but it’s a good option to work for a few hours.

Literature club Peroto

Facebook | Instagram | bul. Bulgaria 1

Peroto gets busy with students and sometimes events but there are a lot of seating places so it’s a safe bet. The big area does have some electrical pockets but not everywhere. It’s good for a few hours of important work but no more than half a day.

Bonus: Open CoworkingΒ 

Facebook | Instagram | OpenCoworking.net| Bul. Vitosha 1

In case you need an absolutely productive atmosphere, to take a call in an actual call room, or to be in a quiet space just for yourself – you can try out a coworking space. Open Coworking just opened in Sofia and is located right in the center of the city.

open coworking sofia

open coworking sofia

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πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» And if you’re looking for other places with digital nomads in Bulgaria, check out:Β 

  • Coworking Bansko – the biggest digital nomad hub not only in Bulgaria with hundreds of regular nomads staying there for 3 months on average.
  • Burgas Coliving – newly opened coliving space on the south Black Sea coast.
  • Akasha Surf School Coworking Area – they built an open coworking area on top of the surf school, good for a few hours of non-demanding work as it might get noisy, windy with some distractions around.

Do you know any other laptop-friendly places in Sofia? Share in the comments below so other can see them too.Β 

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  • Not exactly in Sofia, but not that far away – just about 1420m above sea level, on Vitosha mountain, there’s a little, laptop-friendly hut, called Balkanity, which is perfect for escaping the city’s noise, air pollution, people, etc. πŸ˜‰