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Travel Bloggers I like


Here are some of my favourite travel blogs – funny, inspiring and informative, each and every one of them is worth following:

Mapping Megan – Meg and Mike travel all over the world one /or more/ adventures at a time. Definitely a must-read for every adventurous soul out there.

Nomadic Matt – I love the practical point of Matt’s articles. Literally, you can find any info about the destination you are looking for – that’s the kind of blogs I love.

The Russian Abroad – one can not simply deny the connection between a Bulgarian and a Russian, even though born in Latvia and living in Germany. Olga is a funny and inspiring soul writing about her adventures all over the world.

The Boho Chica – my friend Natasha is a great writer and blogger, living in Dubai, but exploring and telling about various destinations all over the globe. 

Travelling Weasels – two extremely inspirational guys – Laura and Tanbay, housesitting across the whole world and telling stories about their awesome adventures along the way.

City of the WeekAdri is sharing her stories and adventures in Romania as well as other spectacular places she visits in Europe. 

Andrey Andreev Travel & Photography – exceptional photography and travel blog about the experiences of Andrey, Maria and their almost 2-years old daughter across the world and especially across the Balkans. 

Sunrising Life – two Bulgarians – Peter and Victoria, who follow a healthy and happy lifestyle. Truly inspirational blog for everyone looking for that extra balance in their lives through food, travel and other healthy habits.

Kashkaval Tourist – a funny guy spreading the word about Bulgaria in the most funny and yet informative way. ‘Kashkaval tourist’ is a joke term mostly used to refer to amateur hikers. 

Rossi Writes – with her unique voice and gift for storytelling, Rossi and her blog always surprise me with new angle of some known and less-known places, especially in Italy. 

When Woman Travels – Geri has lived in Africa, Ukraine, France and love to travel off-the-beaten path and to inspire women all over the world with her stories and tips. 

Follow the Sisters – two sisters trying to slowly conquer the world – Nina and Ellie, great storytellers who write about their unique experiences in Bulgaria and the world.

Time 2 Travel – Julia shares her trips across Bulgaria and all over Europe. Her passion to archaeology gives a unique flair of her stories and destination choices. 

Drumi v Dumi – I honestly believe there’s no place in Bulgaria Elena hasn’t been to. My to-go practical source about itineraries and less-known places in the country.

Sunshine.bg – funny facts, crazy adventures and unbelievable stories by Adriana about her trips in Bulgaria and the Balkans. She also shares some pretty good stories on her Private Guide Bulgaria‘s blog.