BREXIT or Not, Visit the Top 5 Museums in #LONDON

Currently, another UK topic has been conquering the news, but nothing can stop the restless travellers… If you are visiting London, the chances are you want some travel ideas and tips. We already wrote a blog post about living in London like a local, but here are a few more tips on what to see in the England’s capital.

One of the best way to get to know a country’s culture and history is to visit a museum. Travellers to London are spoiled for choice with a wide range of places to go. CNN reported that London had the highest percentage of museums, so for your benefit we chose the top five essential museums to check out.

#1. The Tate Modern

This is perhaps the most iconic museum in the city. Built in an old power station the museum has become internationally renowned as one of the best places to see modern contemporary art. No matter when you visit you will be guaranteed to see work by some of the world’s modern masters.

Feeling hungry after looking at all the art? The Kitchen and Bar offers classic British food with stunning views across the Thames.

Admission is free. Some special exhibitions require tickets.

tate modern london museum

#2. Imperial War Museum

For a tiny island, Great Britain has fought in a lot of wars. This museum charts the modern military history of Britain, from the First World War to the modern day. The museum is famous for its harrowing Holocaust exhibition.

Admission is free.

#3. The British Museum

This is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious museums. Detailing human history from the beginning of time to the present, the museum boasts over eight million works.

The Department of Ancient Egypt is the world’s biggest collection of Egyptian antiquities and is a must see. It is recommended that an entire day be reserved, as there are many treasures to find.

Admission is free.


#4. Science Museum, London

Human intelligence is an amazing thing and nowhere is it celebrated more than at London’s Science Museum. From Space exploration to interactive galleries the museum has everything for the curious traveller.

Admission is free.Temporary exhibitions may require tickets.


#5. Natural History Museum

If you want to take a step back from human history then the place to go is the Natural History Museum. Covering the history of this planet from the beginning of time to the present day, not a rock is left unturned in the search for how our world has evolved over the centuries. If you love dinosaurs then the museum has an extensive collection of skeletons along with an informative exhibition.

Admission is free.

natural history museum

Travel Information:

Getting to the museums couldn’t be easier. There are many buses that take tourists around the city as well as the London Underground. Tube travel times can be view on TFL’s website along with bus timetables, the River Thames boat schedules and the Emirates Air Line.

If you need to get from the airport to the centre of London, this is relatively easy too. For instance at Heathrow Airport, British based company Parking4Less recommends using the Piccadilly line as the cheapest way to get to the centre of London. Additionally, for people wanting to travel to the museums via car they can pick up hire cars directly from the car parking facilities and return them to the same place when they head back to the airport at the end of their vacation.

Which museums would you visit on your trip to #LONDON?

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