Celebrating a Loved One’s Birthday from Afar

You might not be able to spend your loved one’s special day with them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the celebrations. Whether you’re 100 miles away or 4,000, these birthday surprises will make your family member or friend feel your love even when you can’t be there in person. Say I love you in a million different ways with these sweet and heartfelt surprises.

A Sweet Treat

You’re not there to watch them blow out the candles, but you can still provide an added dose of sugary goodness on a special day. Companies like Bakemeawish.com will create customized cakes and deliver it right to your loved one’s door, and the offer all types of flavors and ways to personalize your cakey gift.

If you know they’ve got the cake handled, send some yummy dipped berries instead for a sweet treat that will definitely brighten their day and slip in some added health benefits.


Lunch Is On You

You might not be able to whisk them away for lunch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still provide some delicious eats. Order a meal from their favorite local restaurant and have food delivery company Seamless drop it off right at their office. You can easily do this online, all you need to do is make sure the birthday girl or guy is at their desk and waiting for a delivery at the right time.

Fun Letters

It’s a sad fact but writing letters has become a lost art. It’s too easy to text or call these days, and if you’re anything like me, getting an actual honest to goodness letter in the mail is more exciting than I ever imagined it could be.

It takes effort and time to write a sweet letter, and that’s what makes this surprise so thoughtful. Write a few about your favorite memories you have with the recipient, write about future plans you’re excited to make, or talk about your day. It’s truly not the contents that matter, but the time and effort that go into writing them.

Birthday from Afar


On each envelope, write an occasion for the birthday guy or girl to open them. It could be “On a day you need to smile” or “When you’re having a tough day at work”. You can also theme the letters to these occasions. It might be a list of your favorite jokes for a day they need cheering up, or a list of your favorite songs on a day they need a bit of inspiration. The more creative, the better, and you can bet they’re going to cherish this gift.

Your Own Book Club

Are you both bibliophiles? Traveling provides plenty of opportunity to get lost in a good book, from long train rides to those flights where you’re nestled in too tightly to ever get any sleep. Send them a copy of the book you plan to start, or have a local friend or family member do the work for you.

Add some Post It notes and pens to the package and tell them to write down their thoughts as they read. The next time you both have a moment, you can Facetime to discuss the book and essentially create your very own book club even if you’re an ocean away.

Plan a Trip

You’re off on an adventure, but it’s never too early to start planning your next one—this time, with the birthday boy or girl. For their birthday, send them an itinerary for a day trip you’ll take when you’re back in town, or book a hotel night a few months in the future that you two can visit while taking in the sights of the city in question. Anticipation is the best part, and they’ll have something wonderful to look forward to – as will you!


Jetting around the world makes it much harder to send the right gifts when your friend or family member is celebrating a birthday, but with a little foresight and some insight on where to look, you can make sure their special day is celebrated in style.

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