Couple’s Escape: Most Romantic Places In Europe

Europe has long been a popular vacation destination for couples who wish to express their love for one another, as it is home to some of the world’s most romantic locations. You don’t even have to spend much on such a trip, as there are multiple ways to save money – check out Discountrue and the coupons for Kohl’s or, you will be sure to get nice discounts on luggage, airfare and much more.

Couples that are in search of a romantic getaway spot would do well to continue reading and learn more about various places of interest!


Any list of the most romantic places in Europe would be woefully incomplete without the city of love. Sure, it might be a cliche location, but once you arrive, you will forget all about this aspect of the journey and start searching for the best location to take your first lovey dovey selfie!

You can watch the sunset over the Seine River, canoodle in the front of the Eiffel Tower or even rent scooters to make your way through the city…

eiffel-tower-1562994_960_720Photo: Pixabay

The Italian Riviera

If you and your special someone would prefer not to spend your vacation navigating a strange city, you may prefer a more intimate experience, the type of experience that only a village can provide.

Be sure to visit during off peak months, so that you can enjoy the beautiful sea views that the Italian Riviera has to offer without having to fight through cumbersome crowds. The five villages are connected by the Blue Path and couples can walk hand in hand for hours on end if they so choose!

capir-italyPhoto: Pixabay


While this is an exceedingly easy city to get lost in, couples with a sense of shared adventure will enjoy learning the ins and outs of the vintage shops and cafes that Barcelona has to offer.

Carrer dels Petons (also known as The Street of the Kiss) is a popular destination for couples.It is said to be the place where men who’ve been sentenced to die took their wives to give them one final kiss. However, your relationship should continue to thrive well after your visit!



Did you know that Copenhagen has been named the world’s happiest city? Whisking your significant other to Copenhagen for a boat tour at Christianshavn, one of the world’s most picturesque maritime locations, is a surefire recipe for heightened romance.

Bonus points for the couple with the foresight to book a table at Roma before arrival, which is widely considered to be the world’s premier restaurant.

copenhagen-1089450_960_720Photo: Pixabay


This Portuguese getaway contains some of the world’s most beautiful and awe inspiring architecture, with its collection of ancient monasteries and Gothic cathedrals.

Once you have worked up an appetite by exploring all of the sights that Lisbon has to offer, couples can head to Antiga Confeitaria and satisfy their appetite with some of the most delicious pastries on the planet.

lisbon-674441_960_720Photo: Pixabay

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