Day Trip From Sofia, Bulgaria: Prohodna Cave (The Eyes of God)

Prohodna is a carst cave located just around 2 hours from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Unfortunately, it is only accessible by car. But if you find yourself in a wonder what to visit around the Bulgarian capital, Prohodna or also called “The Eyes of God”, is a wonderful choice. 

Prohodna literally means ‘walkable’. This cave is not a typical one. There are two entrances and the actual cave is open, more like a rock bridge. You can walk from the one entrance to the other. That’s where the name comes from. 


The cave is also known as ‘The Eyes of God’ or ‘Oknata’. This comes from the 2 eye-shaped wholes in the ceiling in the middle of the cave. The view is so stunning, that you can stay in awe of this natural phenomenon for quite some time. At least I did… 


Prohodna is 262 m long, very easy to walk through. There is a parking lot just next to the entrance. Then, you will need around 30 min to walk through it (with the photo stops). 

The cave is a preferred place for bungee jumping and climbing. There are several sport climbing routes with different levels of difficulty.

Unlike other caves in Bulgaria, ‘The Eyes of God’ cave has no entrance fee and is always open for visits. During the weekends, there are more people enjoying the cave so you might want to stop by during a week day. 


How to get to Prohodna Cave

Prohodna cave is located just 2 km from Karlukovo village in Lukovit Municipality, Lovech Provence, North Central Bulgaria. The entrance is situated on the Karlukovo-Lukovit road. A big sign on the road will show you the way. 

What to See Near Prohodna Cave

There are several sights near ‘The Eyes of God’ cave you can include on your day trip itinerary from Sofia: 

  • St. Marina Rock Church – located on a walking distance from Prohodna Cave, the path to St. Marina rock church is marked and short but steep so pay attention when walking on it. St. Marina consists of small church and a courtyard. It dates back to XIV century. 
  • Saeva Dupka Cave – exceptionally beautiful and richly decorated cave located around 20 km from Prohodna. Saeva Dupka is around 200 m long, has 5 galleries and many interesting formations with recognizable shapes. It takes around 30 min to walk through it. The entrance fee is 4 BGN (2 Euro). More info: Website

Saeva Dupka cave | Photo:

Where to Eat

  • Restaurant Dobrevski – deicious meals made with local and organic products. Address: Al. Stamboliiski 60, Bulgarski Izvor, Lovech, Bulgaria | Facebook Page | Foursquare Page


  • National Cave House “Peter Tranteev” – if you want to spend the night in the region, this place offers rooms with a view. Located on top of a hill, the House is fully functional. You can see it from the parking lot of Prohodna cave. Contacts: 0878 25 30 16, 0882 80 90 92, 0882 80 90 93, 0882 80 91 21 | Facebook Page

National Cave House “Peter Tranteev” | Photo:


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  • Great post again 🙂 (as always) Cave passage is one of the symbols of Bulgaria 🙂 I think everyone should visit it.

  • Hello Maria 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this post on Prohodna cave. It is still one of the many places in Bulgaria that I did not get to visit. I’ve been living here now for almost year and a half and i’ve fallen in love with the country’s nature and hidden gems.

    best regards and happy travels!

  • hello maria. can you explane me how to reach prohodna cave from sofia by train o bus?