Eating healthy while travelling

How important it is to you to eat healthy when you travel? Do you know how to make a food poisoning claim?

I am definitely not the healthiest person on the road. But I try to follow a few principles to help me eat healthy while travelling. For what I’ve learned, it keep my whole experience on track.

Stay hydrated

I found out hydration is very important during travelling. It’s the invisible and often underestimated force that can keep you fresh, energetic and focused. The healthy benefits of water have long been discussed. But it is normal to forget to drink from time to time and take water for granted. However, many studies suggest that dehydration can affect your mood, so I chose not to take any chances.

Tip: When possible, avoid plastic water bottles and get reusable ones. There’s enough pollution going on in the world.

Know where you’re eating

When eating out, it also important to make the right choice. Good hygiene in restaurants is not only a requirement but even a way to ensure that you’re not going to suffer any bigger issues.

Places with open kitchen may be a better choice than restaurants in hidden alleys. It is also very important to know how and when you can make food poisoning claims in case it happens.

Avoid fast food places

I know fast food places can be the easiest choice. Even I often buy shitty burgers sometimes just to save time and energy for other “more important” things during the trip such as sightseeing. It may be tasty but what is really more important than staying healthy?

There are way more delicious and healthier options than fast food. They may take more time for cooking or money if you eat out but are way better in the long term.

Buy local, seasonal foods

When possible, visit the local food market and chose your products there. Those places are often even better than any attraction crowded with tourists. Markets gather together locals, you can see and learn more about the buying habits and culture than many other locations. You can feel the place through the food. Markets also offer fresh, seasonal foods which are better than ones in the supermarkets.

Rent a place with a kitchen

From the many trips I did in the past 3 years, I learned my lesson. Now, when I look for a place to rent, usually through Airbnb, I try to find one with a kitchen or some type of cooking area. I know I don’t want to sacrifice eating consistently and healthy so I often base my choice on that one criteria. My favourite example was the retro hostel I stayed in Rome which made our stay in the Italian capital way better. 

Do you have any other principles you follow for eating healthy while travelling? 

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  • I find having a kitchen really helps, in NZ all the hostels had kitchens but then in Asia I found they didn’t which was a shame. But eating fresh from markets was quite easy there. I think if people are worried about food poisoning I’d suggest going veggie for a trip and depending on where you go it can be really easy to do 🙂

    Really enjoying reading your blog


  • As a travel beginner such blog really inspired me and i learn a lot from such blogs. You have explained each important point while travelling marvellously. Thanks for sharing such a useful information keep motivating us like this.