If Experiences Are The New Luxury, Slovenia Has It All

Experiences are the future of travel and the new luxury. There are 5-star hotels on every corner, all inclusive packages everywhere in the world, high-class restaurants in every block. But different experiences are what makes a holiday truly luxurious.

When I was in Slovenia a few times this year, I was convinced the country is full with hidden gems and wonderful experiences. Of course, you can still enjoy a luxury holiday in Slovenia in the traditional way. But adding a few more adventures in your itinerary will make your visit even more enjoyable. Here are the 5 wonderful examples why Slovenia is perfect for luxury holiday: 

With a Boat on Lake Bled

One of the best known places in Slovenia is definitely Lake Bled. And for a reason. The lake, the Castle and the lush green surroundings make the place like taken out from a postcard. Climb to Bled Castle to get a panoramic view of the lake and the whole area. Then, you can enjoy a nice boat ride in Lake Bled for a view like this one… 


Bled Castle website: http://www.blejski-grad.si/en

Entrance Fee: Adults – 10 EUR; Students – 7 EUR; Children – 4 EUR

Boat rent: ~10-20 EUR

Spare at least half a day for visiting the Bled Castle, walking around Lake Bled and boating. Prepare your camera because you will have a lot of great photo opportunities. 


Bled Castle-slovenia-blog

Rainy Walk on Vintgar Gorge

1.6 km long Vintgar Gorge is a perfect example of the beautiful Slovenian nature. The wooden bridges let you walk along Radovna river which carves its way through vertical rocks all the way to the 13m high Šum waterfall. The natural beauty of Vintgar Gorge is truly impressive… 


Vintgar Gorge website: http://www.vintgar.si/

Entrance Fee: Adults – 4 EUR, Students – 3 EUR (other)

Vintgar Gorge is located around 5-6 km from Lake Bled on the eastern part of Triglav National Park. The walk takes around 1 and a half hour. You enter and get back through the same trail. There are many rapids, so don’t forget to get waterproof jacket and shoes, or a raincoat. 

The Source of Krupa River

The source of Krupa River is my favourite hidden treasure of Slovenia. I was pleasantly surprised by the mysterious atmosphere of the place. Krupa is 2,5 km long river that flows throughout southeastern Slovenia. Its source is a karst spring, located just below a high rock wall near the village with the same name – Krupa.

The lush green surrounding, the mist and a few abandoned buildings make it a must see place…


The source of Krupa river is easily found in the village of Krupa, southeastern Slovenia. There are several road signs and also info board at the place. The exact GPS coordinates are: 45°38′1.31″N 15°13′4.09″E


Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle

Postojna Cave (Postojnska Jama) is an absolutely enormous karst cave system located in southwestern Slovenia, near the town of Postojna. It is 24 km long and is the second-longest cave system in Slovenia, after Migovec System (~30 km). 

Thousands of people wait in line to see the impressive cave galleries and halls. I didn’t expect much but it was more than a surprise when we were told the tour will take around 1 hour. We entered the cave with a short ride on a small train that fits around 100 people. Then we had 40 minute of walking along the several galleries of different size, shape and story. Despite the many people, I definitely recommend a visit to Postojna Cave. 

Postojna Cave-slovenia

Postojna Cave websitehttp://www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/

Entrance Fee: Adults – 23,90 EUR; Students – 19,10 EUR (others)

When you are near Postojna Cave check out also Predjama Castle – located 9 km from the entrance of the Cave, Predjama Castle is a Renaissance building within a cave mouth.

Predjama Castle -slovenia

Enjoy the Hidden Beauties of Bela Krajina

I wouldn’t have heard of Bela Krajina if it wasn’t for BIG BERRY glamping site in Slovenia. Located in Primostek, as a guest and friend of the camp I was able to visit many hidden gems in the region of Bela Krajina. Riding a canoe on Kolpa river, hiking one of the many trails, sightseeing (5th century Metlika Castle, Otok Airplane DC3  or one of the other many natural spots for a great view to Slovenia) are just part of the adventures you can take in this part of Slovenia.

Enjoying local products from Bela Krajina such as wines from Malnarič-Nampel Winery, beers from Pivovarna Vizir, honey from Cebelarstvo Veselic, milk, cheese and beauty products from our favourite Zlati Ghee, skin products from Apl Stories and many more, is also going to make your stay even more interesting. 


I know what’s my type of luxury vacationa trip full of experiences and beautiful scenery. And I am convinced Slovenia has it all. On top of that, you can enjoy all of these “luxurious” experiences in Slovenia with a glass of wine in hand – the drink Slovenians have with almost every meal. 

Are you ready to go to Slovenia now? 

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