Sea Kayaking on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Our Saturday adventure began on Beach Bolata located on the Northern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria, near Kavarna and Balgarevo. Places close to my hometown but still unknown for me. 

Even though I have been on a kayaking adventure before, it was in Spain – way far and different from Bulgaria. This time, I was even more excited to hop into the long yellow kayaks and enjoy the ride.

Our kayaking trip was with Trip Kavarna and our lovely guide Galin made sure we all had a blast. And we did! He was absolutely helpful and super passionate about what he’s doing. This made our trip even more amazing.


Our kayaks patiently waiting for us on beach Bolata near Kavarna; Photo: Follow The Sisters

Six kayaks were patiently waiting by the sand ready to take us around the famous Cape Kaliakra and show us the incredible beauty of the coast. Five people of our awesome group of Bulgarian travel bloggers embarked on the adventure with Galin first. The rest of us enjoyed a nice boat ride with our other favourite person from Kavarna – Krasi from Levana House.


Watching others trying to control their kayaks while screaming all kind of questions and ridiculous statements was so much fun. But what was even more fun at the time was the boat ride itself around the Cape Kaliakra and the coast.

Our captain took care we had a great time while waiting our turn on the kayaks. After a while it finally came. One drink and an hour and a half later, the two groups changed their places and it was on! 


I won’t lie. Sea kayaking isn’t an easy thing to do, especially when you have to row without a break for almost 2 hours and the direction of your kayak is everywhere but straight. 

But the sea breeze, the pleasantly stinging sun and the waves make sea kayaking what it is – a challenging, yet liberating experience. Not to mention that the coastal scenery was spectacular.


Given in mind that water isn’t my thing at all, I loved being able to have control over it with my kayak. After jumping out of a plane last year in Spain, kayaking is definitely my second most favourite adventurous activity.


6 km and 1:30 h. later we finished were we started – on beach Bolata. Needless to say, I wasn’t very happy about the fact that it was over.

That’s why when I heard “Does someone want to do another round with the third group?” from our guide Galin, I was the first one to say (or scream) “YES”.


So I was the only one in the water (except our guide) for 12 km kayaking in the sea, enjoying the beautiful Bulgarian coast and capturing every moment in my memory thinking how I’ll be back soon enough and do it again!


The incredible day ended with a dinner in Mehana Sveti Georgi in Kavarna, Bulgarian music, dances and many sunburnt but happy faces! What more can you ask for?

You won’t get wrong if you chose sea kayaking near Kavarna with Galin and Trip Kavarna. His passion is so contagious that you’ll feel it during the whole sea kayaking tour. You can contact Trip Kavarna directly on Facebook and enjoy an incredible day on the Northern Black Sea coast as we did.

And off we go to the next adventure!


Have you been on a kayaking tour in the sea? How was it? 

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  • Just like you, I also have a great experienced of Kayaking last week and it was awesome. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you guys are having fun. 🙂

  • Hey Maria,

    Found your post when looking for kayak destinations in Europe. My passions are kayaking and travel, and I’m trying to piece together a plan for a kayak adventure in Europe. Your trip looks awesome and if I’m ever in Bulgaria, I’ll be sure to check out Beach Bolata.

  • WoW! It seems adventurous kayaking tour there. I felt with you when I reading your article. Such a great description you show in your article. But one thing I want to know that is, If I go for sea kayaking in Bulgaria then what’s the cost of the whole tour? I will be glad if you reply me about the costing details of it. Thanks 🙂

  • Wow! you have awesome pictures!

  • Wow. Those pictures express your happiness during this tour.

  • Sea kayaking can be lots of fun. Different to kayaking on a river or a lake of course.

    One thing I like about kayaking at sea is being able to go into little coves that you just can’t get to any other way.

    Nice write up by the way. I have been to Bulgaria, but sadly not with a kayak, and not by the Black Sea! One day….

  • Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges. Awesome adventure i am sure. Thanks for sharing!