Stay Connected on the road with TEP Wi-Fi (Review)

A few weeks ago I visited Prague and as I prepared for my trip I knew I need a strong Internet connection while I’m on the road. That’s when the team of TEP Wireless offered to give me their portable device so I can try it out on my next travel abroad and I was excited to get ready for tons of online updates on my trip!

During my trip to Prague I had zero problems with the Internet connection with TEP portable wireless device. I was even surprised how good it worked for my needs. I was away in the countryside most of the time so it was great to have a reliable connection.

Basically, TEP Wi-Fi is generally a great solution to stay connected while travelling abroad. The portable device is only for rent meaning you have to return it once you get back from your trip so other travellers can use it too. 

My TEP device arrived 3 days before I left Sofia. It was super fast, without any problems. The device comes with a small bag with everything you need to stay connected. 

tep wireless device

However, I was surprised by the delivery fee which was 15 Euro – almost equal to the price of the mobile Internet for 3 days. But I quickly got over this expense as I was getting really excited for my road trip from Vienna to Prague visiting Kutna Hora and Mikulov on the way. 

During the whole trip TEP Wireless was amazing! The Internet was very fast, I was able to upload several photos on Facebook on the go. I was also very surprised that the battery lasted so long – I didn’t had to recharge it even once for the 3 days I was using the device. 

In order to test the TEP Wireless device I was kinda cruel – I played online games on my phone, browsed several websites at a time, sent photos and videos to friends via Viber and all kind of stuff that came to my mind. 

The Internet connection was flawless all the time!

I can’t recommend enough the device to anyone who wants a great Internet connection abroad. The battery lasts long, the connection is fast and secure. We even used 3 devices at a time to check how it will go. It was still flawless. 


The only problem was the shipping to and from Sofia. When I got back home I had to pay total of 55 Euros shipping costs. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any cheaper delivery ways to UK. 

The TEP device costs around 9 Euro for 1 day mobile Internet. For 3 days I would’ve spent around 27 Euro for the Internet I used. It just wasn’t worth the 55 Euro shipping costs for a weekend trip only.

However, you can easily cut your expenses if you travel for longer periods and if you find less expensive shipping way. You can return TEP:

– if you drop off the device at London Heathrow Airport (all terminals except T1) or London Paddington Station;

– if you get a pre-paid return envelope for UK and USA only;

– via FedEx.

Even though I had to pay a lot more than I expected, I totally recommend TEP portable Wi-Fi device for anyone who has a longer trip in Europe and want to have a great Internet connection on the road. Just make sure to check out the return options before you order. 

How to get TEP Wireless device

TEP’s website:

Email: [email protected]

Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

After you order TEP Wireless device you can choose to have your device shipped to your home before you depart, or have it shipped directly to your destination. After your trip you have to return it back. Happy travels!

*Many thanks to TEP Wireless team for providing me with the opportunity to use the portable Wi-Fi device! All opinions are my own and I wish you happy travels with TEP!

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