A picturesque walk in Teteven with a detour to the Jumping waterfalls


The town of Teteven, North Central Bulgaria

Teteven is a town, small one I would say, where people don’t worry about being late cuz they have to travel an hour or two to get to the other side of the town, where kids play freely in the streets, where the landscape is like stolen from a famous artists’ painting, where everywhere you turn you see the majestic mountain. This is the town where tomatoes tastes like real tomatos, and you can buy everything twice cheaper than in the big city. 

“Is there a park anywhere in the town?”, we ask as we buy our lunch. “No”, says the guy with a “Mona Lisa” smile on his face. And just a second after we think: Why would you need a park when the whole town is a big park by itself. Maybe I should’ve started with this.

You should definitely visit this town even only because you’ll feel free here.

Teteven, Bulgaria

Teteven combines the beauty of the surrounding scenery with the towering hills and peaks, the cool breeze of the Vit river and the spirit of centuries past, hovering in the multitude of monuments, ancient Bulgarian architecture, and customs and manners that have remained intact in time.

Teteven is surrounded by the Balkan mountain and the next town or village is situated after a picturesque asphalt path meandering through the mountain (just like most of the mountain towns in Bulgaria).

There is a History Museum in Teteven where you can find out a lot about the history of the region and the national revolutionaries among which the Apostle of Freedom Vasil Levski. He actually strategised the revolutionary movement to liberate Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The nice lady at the museum will explain you everything you need to know, don’t worry. 

Near the town you can also find Glozhene Monastery, The ‘Mother of God Shroud’ Chapel on Ostrich peak, The ‘Saint Elijah’ Monastery from the14th century, The ‘All Saints’ Church. A fun fact I just learnt: Teteven Glacier on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named after Teteven.

Teteven History Museum

Teteven, Bulgaria

Teteven Waterfall

Teteven jumping waterfalls

If you haven’t fell in love already a nice walk in the nature should work…

Okay, they are not actually jumping but I like to call them that way. Meet the waterfalls – they are two and are named “Skoka” a.k.a. The jump. There is a 600 m picturesque ecopath which leads to them. Walking towards the waterfalls will make you feel even more free. Just a few wooden ramps and bridges will bring you back to Earth. There is also a gazebo where you can prepare your lunch. Finally you get to the waterfall and you just sit and watch, and think, and watch… The other one has no water in summer but I just imagine how majestic it would be. Let me give you a few more shots:

Teteven Waterfall Skoka

Teteven Waterfall Skoka

Teteven Waterfall Skoka

Teteven Waterfall Skoka

Teteven Waterfall

What’s your favourite waterfall scenery you’ve seen on the road? Whould you visit the Teteven waterfall “Skoka”?

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