The Most Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel Europe

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….and no, we don’t mean hitchhiking! There are plenty of green options for touring the continent that are safe, quick and even quite luxurious. Most vacationers want to take advantage of all the incredible cities and countries interconnected across Europe and visit several spots in a single trip. While cost-effective and fun, this country-hopping can do a number on the environment if you’re catching flights or taking long car rides.

To help offset some of these carbon emissions and ensure you still get to see all there is to see, check out these 4 eco-friendly alternatives for traveling across Europe!

1. Hybrid Cars + Camping

The whole of Europe offers over 10,000 campsites for you to use. By renting either a hybrid or electronic vehicle, you’re significantly cutting down on your carbon footprint and by camping rather than staying in hotels, you’re keeping it even more green! And though camping may keep resource waste down, you still want to make sure you’re respecting the Earth while you’re out there in nature!


2. Train

If you’re planning an intense trip across the entire continent, you may want to consider the Global Pass. It’s a one-month pass that buys you rail travel through most of Europe. For the less adventurous, there’s the Select Pass, FlexiPass, Continuous Pass and many others.

With so many customizable options, there’s definitely one for however you plan to travel. European train travel is incredibly efficient, quick, clean, safe and can be an enjoyable part of your overall journey.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel Europe

3. Ferries

If you’re the kind to romanticize the past and you’re into public transportation, you’ll definitely want to look into ferries when you’re traveling Europe. Not only is it fun, old school and eco-friendly, it’s also usually incredibly cost-effective.

There are websites that map out Europe’s ferry routes in an easy-to-read format; you can either plan your itinerary before you start your holiday or keep it spontaneous and decide as you go!

Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel Europe

4. Biking

Europe loves bicyclists; just watch footage from the Tour de France and see for yourself! While the idea of biking across Europe can seem intimidating; fear not. There’s really only one requirement: you just have to like riding a bike! Europe offers many well-planned, safe trails for cyclists looking to tour the continent.

You’ll find friendly faces, delicious food and plenty of bike shops along your route so you’ll never feel lonely. The Eurovelo system is a great place to start your planning. Try looking at river valleys first. They’re flat, well-marked and are peppered with populated cities and towns.



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