Why Pre-Planning When Going To An Airport Is Essential

There is a lot to be excited about when going on a trip, but if you’re going to enjoy it to its fullest, you need to get all the pre-holiday admin out of the way. Planning is key to starting your journey on the right foot and getting to the airport on time.  

Obscenely long security queues and issues with airport traffic control are the latest holiday nightmares to affect British travellers. Being organised and ahead of the curve is essential to keeping everything on track.   

Book your transport  

You need to know your route to the airport and exactly how you are getting there. Whether you’re catching the train or arranging for a car to pick you up, it’s best to get this organised in advance so you aren’t caught by surprise.  

The airport you’re flying from will determine the types of transport options available to you. If the ins and outs of arranging transport stress you out, many big airports offer alternatives methods of transportation. Heathrow offers a train, and even the meet and greet Manchester Airport offers is a great alternative that can help to reduce stress. Booking prior can seriously reduce the overall stress when it comes to going to the airport!

Have the right documentation  

It’s nothing short of a disaster if you show up at the airport without your passport or plane tickets. Make sure that you have all the relevant travel documents, including your ID documents, visa paperwork and ticket confirmation.  

It’s a good idea to keep all your documentation in a waterproof folder and in a place that is easily accessible. You will need identification as you move through security and check in your luggage, and you don’t want to hold up the line by rummaging through your wallet. If you’re flying internationally, store your foreign currency in the same place as your travel documents.  

Don’t leave packing to the last minute  

This might seem obvious, but leaving your packing to the last minute increases the likelihood of you forgetting things. Getting organised takes the pressure off and gives you one less thing to worry about before heading to the airport.  

Make a list of what you will need on your trip to give you peace of mind. It should include everything from clothing and footwear to electronic plug converters and a lockable case for any valuables. Essentials like your travel documents, mobile phone, wallet and foreign currency should be carried with you in your hand luggage. 

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