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Recently, I was given the opportunity to work with a new booking website which, in my opinion, will change the way that we travel. I always find it hard to choose where to stay when I’m planning a trip. I usually open up a few booking websites and start looking for a nice, but good value, hotel, hostel, B&B or some other type of accommodation. I almost never think about booking whilst receiving something in return. Well that is about to change!

What is Yonderbound?

With Yonderbound you actually have the opportunity to earn travel credits which you can use for your next booking, i.e. you receive the opportunity to travel for free! It’s basically not just a booking site, but a monetisation platform which is a perfect addition to my 5 easy ways to make money blogging post from last week. Let me tell you how you can earn Yondercredits easily and ‘buy’ travel on Yonderbound.

Sing up

Signing up in Yonderbound is super fast and easy.


Yonderboxes are basically recommendation pages where you can recommend hotels and share your travel tips and reviews. You can make as many Yonderboxes as you like, and you’ll want to make lots because it’s super fun and easy. For example, I know a lot of great hotels in Sofia so I created a Yonderbox called ‘A day in Sofia’. I added hotels and published the recommendation page on Twitter. From now on, every single booking made through my Yonderboxes means that I can earn Yondercredits – and so can you!

Each Yonderbox stays on the site f-o-r-e-v-e-r! So you don’t have to worry about expiration dates. Basically you can make money/credits over and over again, forever.

I also created a Yonderbox about Bulgaria where I recommend hotels in most of the cities here. So if you plan to travel here soon, check it out ‘Around Bulgaria’. I did another one about ‘Athens on a budget‘ as I experienced this amazing Greek capital back in 2014.


Free travel is the one big incentive to share your travel knowledge in the form of accommodation reviews. You’ll get 70% of the net revenue for any hotel booking made through your recommendation pages. After you earn enough Yondercredits you can easily book a place to stay on your next trip at a significant discount (or if you save even more Yondercredits for free)! That’s how Yonderbound becomes a unique booking tool that helps you to travel more.

If you know a friend who is travelling soon, you can create a Yonderbox for him (or her), recommend some nice hotels in the place that he (or she) wants to visit, and when he (or she) books through your recommendations you will earn travel credits. You will also earn travel credits when you book by yourself. On average you will receive $7 for every $100 of booked travel.

So would you rather book through a website that just offers you great deals or will you book through Yonderbound where you can actually earn travel credits and still get great deals? It’s a no brainer!

To motivate you even more into giving Yonderbound a go I’m giving you a $10 discount on your first booking at Yonderbound. Congrats! These are your first Yondercredits.


There are plenty of search options you can choose in order to find the best hotels for you.

What I love most about Yonderbound

  • You can earn travel credits just through your recommendations;
  • It’s in Beta, which means that there are going to be more and more amazing features;
  • It’s a great source for hotel deals.


The only thing that frustrated me was that I couldn’t find any of the hostels which I stayed in while on the road and hence, I couldn’t recommend them even if I wanted to. It would be nice to add hostels to the list as they are a huge part of any traveller’s life. I personally prefer using best value for money hotels as I love my privacy, but many travellers seek hostels. As I said, the website is in Beta, so there are definitely going to be more and more features, hopefully hostels will be added soon.


This is how a Yonderbox looks like.

Disclaimer: This content is branded and in partnership with Yonderbound but all opinions here are my own. I am now off to create more Yonderboxes! I hope you will find Yonderbound as useful as I do. 

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Travel blogger and tourism graduate from Bulgaria, working in the field of Digital Marketing and PR for travel brands.

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