Travelling Buzz is a travel blog about adventure travel in Europe

My name is Maria, I’m from Bulgaria and I currently live in Bansko — a small mountain town with lots of outdoor adventure opportunities. 

I started Travelling Buzz in 2013 to help people with information and tips about the places I visit, and more importantly — to share more information about Bulgaria as well. 

I have a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in Tourism. I now work as a freelance Content & Community Manager for various projects taking care of content strategies, community engagement, online and in-person events. 

My passions at the moment are adventure & outdoor sports — snowboarding and downhill mountain biking. I love trying out new things, and in 2022 I’ve tested kite surfing, wind surfing, wakeboarding, and motocross. 

I am currently organising community events for Snowboarding GIRLS Bansko — a community for girls into outdoor sports in Bansko, Bulgaria. 

I talk about remote work, digital nomads, extreme sports, travel & tourism.

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You can say hi, invite me for a coffee or anything else here: travellingbuzzblog@gmail.com

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