About Travelling Buzz

Travelling Buzz is a travel blog about adventure travel in Europe

My name is Maria, I’m from Bulgaria and I currently live in Sofia. 

I started Travelling Buzz in 2013 to help people with first-hand information and tips about the places I visit, mostly in Europe at the time. I didn’t want to share my stories 20 times after I return home. So I decided to write about my experiences and those who wanted would read them. 

With time, I met many people during my travels that didn’t know anything about Bulgaria. Even I didn’t know much about my home country. That’s why I started to write more and more about Bulgaria in order to help more people (and me) realize what a beautiful place it is. 

My goal is to inspire you to travel more and to be adventurous! There are so many beautiful places you can visit. You just have to make the first big step.

About Maria

I started working in journalism, web editing and I loved writing. I also love travelling and tourism – I have a Bachelor and a Master Degrees in Tourism. So I was determined to combine my both passions. Two years ago, in 2014, I quit my journalism job and decided to pursue a career in content marketing for the tourism industry. Such position did not exist at a regular 9-5 firm. By freelancing, internships and pro bono work, I started making my way to my dream job.

Now I’m part of the marketing team of a super exciting international travel brand, still do freelance work for other travel businesses, make money through my blog and I am also part of other cool projects.

To sum it up:

  • Travelling Buzz was born in April 2013 after a dream trip to Paris. 
  • I visited 2 times TBEX – the largest travel bloggers conference in the world – 2014 in Athens, 2015 in Costa Brava.
  • Travelling Buzz is one of the recommended travel blogs by Trivago in 2016. It is also part of over 15 world charts and lists of travel blogs. 
  • I am one of the founders of the Association of travel bloggers in Bulgaria (since January 2016). Our goal is to help companies in Bulgaria to work more with travel bloggers. I am also member of the International Bloggers Association and Bulgarian Association of Journalists and Travel Writers.
  • I have a Bachelor and a Master Degrees in Tourism Economics. I follow a PhD in the same field. 
  • I’ve partnered with over 100 travel brands through my blog. 
  • I’m in the Marketing Team of BIG BERRY brand and do freelance writing for other travel brands. I’ve partnered with over 100 travel bloggers, journalist and other influencers through my work
  • I love cats.

What you will find on Travelling Buzz

– Practical information about various destinations in Europe

– Info, places and tips for visiting Bulgaria

– Ideas, inspiration and tips for travelling

– Adventures you can experience in Europe and Bulgaria

– Reviews of hotels, places, activities, etc.

– Guest posts by other inspirational travel writers. 

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