13 gorgeous Boutique Hostels in Europe to fall in love with!

This is a guest post by Anna & Matt from The Hostel Geeks – an independent and exclusive travel brand and blog of the most outstanding hostels in the world. Based on their experience, they decided to share with us some of the best boutique hostels in Europe. Enjoy! 

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Boutique Hostels are the most stylish way to explore Europe on a budget. Oh you will love the old continent for so many reasons. Food, activities, history, diversity, food, beaches, nature, food…and now: Hostels!

We are Hostelgeeks, an independent platform certifying hostels as 5 Star Hostels, based on transparent criteria. It’s our daily goal and mission to make your hostel research easier. For every city we certify and share with you only 1 hostel.

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Accommodation takes a big part in the overall experience in a city and country. With the rise of quality hostels, the backpacker and budget traveler have more and more options to choose from. While this is a great step, it has become so time-consuming finding the one hostel you would love stay at.

Hostelgeeks is your shortcut to the world’s best hostels. In addition, we got plenty of discounts for our readers, including destinations such as Venice, London, Berlin and more.

We teamed up with our friend Maria to introduce you to 13 gorgeous boutique hostels in Europe you will enjoy and fall in love with. Let us start with an absolute fairytale destination.

1. Sleeping in a cave – Caveland Santorini

Santorini itself is a dream. A stylish boutique hostels the perfect add-on. Caveland Hostel in Santorini is an awarded 5 Star Hostel and it comes with so many extras.

The former winery and high-end hotel is now open for budget travelers. Jump in the big pool and enjoy a cocktail while the staff take care of the BBQ. Of course, you can also join the Yoga-lessons on the sun deck.

Either way, you will leave this hostel with a big smile on your face!

caveland santorini hostel

2. 0% emission and Karaoke – Mosaic House in Prague

The Mosaic House in Prague is a pioneer hostel when it comes to sustainability. The hostel runs on 100% renewable energy, even for us at Hostelgeeks this is new!

Besides the eco-part, Mosaic House knows how to rock. Their in-house bar and restaurant serve delicious food on a budget friendly price, and two common areas invite you to spend time at.

Do you want to relax and have a chat? Or do you prefer to join the karaoke, a fashion shows, concert, party? Every type of traveler can enjoy Mosaic House as the areas are separated.


3. Cocomama, the 1st boutique hostel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a must-visit when backpacking Europe. Cocomama Amsterdam is the city’s first boutique hostel with a colorful history. The building was once a popular brothel! You can stay in differently themed rooms and only groups of up to 4 people are allowed to stay here. Why? This maintains the social, tranquil vibe at Cocomama.

The sister-hostel Ecomama, another 5 Star Hostel in Amsterdam, welcomes bigger groups. Oh, and they even have a tepee tent in their common area.


4. Maverick City Lodge and Maverick Hostel

If you haven’t had Budapest on your list, it is time to add it. Budapest is a wonderful destination for many reasons. Beautiful architecture, plenty of European history and endless Spa’s to kick-back. Also, among major European destinations, the Hungarian capital is cheap, perfect for travelers on a budget.

The top choice hostels here are the only two 5 Star Hostels in Budapest. For simple reasons. Both hostels are design-led and high end. Plus you can have a wonderful good-night rest after you experienced the famous nightlife of the city.

Maverick City Lodge is kept in a minimal design, featuring lovely Hungarian design elements. We especially love the Palenka-Wine Tastings as well as the tours to explore the city with the fellow hostel mates.

Maverick Hostel on the other hand is the little brother hostel and it comes with only 43 beds. There are no bunk-beds waiting for you and the comfort here speaks for itself.


5. Former Monastery-Hostel in Venice

We LOVE Venice. Once you get away from the one, crowded tourist street and the main square, Venice seems like a fairytale. Calm, simple, stunning.

A big part of our amazing time we had was We Crociferi Hostel. It is a former monastery which makes it already interesting, right!? All rooms come with a canal view and they even run events in the hostel such as wine tasting, concerts and so on. It is just awesome.

The location is the tip of the iceberg. It is on the main island, so no need to take any boat. Plus, you are just a short walk away from the main tourist street, making it perfect to stay in a quiet area, and yet, many great bars and restaurants around.

But, wait, there is more. We wrote up a full review of We Crociferi and included a 5% discount to them. Especially for Venice, this let’s you save so quite some coins.


6. Wallyard Concept Hostel with Mamas breakfast in Berlin

Everybody loves mama’s breakfast, right?! The Wallyard Concept Hostel has Berlin written all over it. The black-white hipster design reflects the city vibe, and the spacious common area is a well-designed lounge with cosy sofas, low hanging Edison lamps, and plenty of real plants.

Come to Wallyard Concept Hostel, thank us later!

wallyard concept hostel

PS: We have a 5% discount to Wallyard Concept Hostel. You can find it at hostelgeeks.com

7. Sleep next to the red square in Moscow

So easy-going, so inconspicuous. From the outside, Sputnik Hostel with its regular house facade and door looks like nothing special until you enter. The big dining area is the heart of the hostel, and the open plan layout and black-and-white decor invites you to relax immediately.

You’ve got to take the stairs up to the stylish dorms and private rooms. The rooms are carefully decorated, and the bunk beds tailor-made for Sputnik Hostel.

On top of that, the Sputnik Hostel&Personal Space is located right around the corner of the Red Square in Moscow.


8. Graffiti Tour and design café – CUBE Hostel in Leuven

Old suitcases decorate the reception desk, stylish vintage furniture and inspiring travel quotes cover the dark painted living room. The CUBE Hostel in Leuven, close to Brussels in Belgium is a 5 Star Hostel and Café.

For breakfast you get yummy crepes, and in the evening you can relax in the in-house cinema watching Netflix or challenging your buddies on the playstation or Nintendo Wii.

cube hostel

9. Industrial design and pool in Zagreb, Swanky Mint Hostel

Swanky Mint Hostel is a hip hostel in the heart of Zagreb. Their cool, quirky bar is open to the public, so it is a perfect spot to mingle with locals. Whilst we actually love to point out the fact that the building was once a dry-cleaning factory, the Swanky Mint Hostel was updated recently. They have their own swimming pool in the backyard. Do we need to say more?

swanky mint hostel zagreb

10. Wonderfully English – Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage in London

The Palmers Lodge in Swiss Cottage, London is located inside an old cottage and it will make you say “this is so wonderfully, typically English“. There are different common areas for every mood. The bar invites you to have a drink and meal (for a fair price!).

The living room aka. the winter garden comes with long tables, a pool table and a TV for the sports events. The main living room next to reception is furnished with cosy sofas to kick-back, read a book and socialize.


11. Music is international – Lemon Rock Granada

Located inside a 300 year old Andalusian house in the center in Granada. Wooden beams, backyard, patio space, and even 200 year old graffiti carved in stone columns.

The Lemon Rock in Granada is a stylish hostel. And it doesn’t stop here. The vibes are even better than the looks. Locals and travelers alike LOVE the bar and come here for the live concerts, like the one by a famous local street musician.

lemonrock boutique hostel granada

12. Roof top swimming pool – Oh yeah-ing at Sunset Destination Hostel

Let us finish our round trip of European boutique hostels in Lisbon. The city is packed with interesting and cool hostels. Our favorite one features a roof top with a swimming pool, bar, garden, and even a massage service. We are talking about Sunset Destination Hostel. It wouldn’t take more to stand out, and yet, the hostel has a stylish design too.


13. No reception and great technology – Valencia Lounge Hostel

Gorgeous! Valencia’s Lounge Hostel has been completely renovated and turned into a high-end 5 Star Hostel. Every single room boasts a different neo-classical design. Ximo, the manager says “We want to give you a different experience every time you stay with us.

The reception itself is another game-changing concept. There is no fixed reception desk. When you enter the hostel, the receptionist welcomes you in the living room and all they need is a laptop. Say Hi, have a chat and get your key card. And by the way, you don’t even need your key card anymore to open your own room. You can download the Valencia Lounge Hostel app and your smartphone will be your key.


So, flights and hostels booked yet?

You see, it is a great time to travel around Europe on a budget and to get great hospitality. We hope these 13 boutique-style hostels across Europe are an inspiration for you.

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Safe travels, Anna&Matt and the team

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