3 Great Destinations for Coffee Lovers

People choose holiday destinations based on all kinds of different criteria. It could be that you’re looking to relax and unwind, maybe you want to learn about a new culture or destination, or then again, maybe you like the idea of a theme holiday that speaks to your own personal passions and hobbies. For those who are avid coffee lovers, this lends itself to a really unique way to go about planning a vacation. Why not plan your upcoming holiday based around your love of coffee? There are specific destinations that you can visit that are really quite perfect for coffee lovers. Let’s jump in and take a look at three great holiday destinations that are ideal for coffee lovers just like you.


If you like the idea of combining a beautiful beach vacation with a coffee tour and experience, then Hawaii is the place for you. Statistics show that as of the year 2007, coffee is planted on over 8,200 acres in Hawaii, which is a massive part of the state. 

Coffee got its roots back in 1817 when it was first introduced to the islands by Don Francisco de Paula Marin. While the original coffee planting didn’t end up flourishing, in 1825, plants were brought in from Brazil and these ones took off. For those who have researched coffee in Hawaii, there’s no doubt you’ve come across the region of Kona, which is where the hub of activity is.

So. what’s the best way to enjoy Hawaii’s coffee? Signing up for a guided tour is the absolute best option, as you’ll get to tour the coffee farms, take a look at production, and of course, sample the results. At the same time, it gives you a chance to explore some of Hawaii’s most beautiful natural scenery.

The Philippines

Some may not realize this, but the Philippines is another fabulous coffee destination. Its history with coffee dates back all the way to 1740 when the first coffee tree was planted in Lipa, Batangas. This was just the beginning as it only increased from there, and now Lipa is the hub of all the coffee growing in the Philippines. It wasn’t until 1980 that the country joined the International Coffee Organization, which has helped to give it more recognition around the world.

Today there are a number of large and smaller brands making coffee in the Philippines, delivering some of the most robust and richly flavored coffee out there. Not only can you base your holiday in the Philippines around what provinces are known for coffee, you can even sign up for guided coffee tours and take it to the next level.

Even once you return home from the Philippines, you can still access their great coffee through such options as Kopi Luwak Direct. After visiting in person, there’s no doubt you’ll have a newfound appreciation for the Philippines’ coffee industry.

Rome, Italy

Can you really call yourself a true coffee lover without visiting Rome? The café culture is rich and deep here in Rome, and truly gives you an experience like no other. And it’s not just coffee, it’s the shots of espresso that are truly spectacular. If you want to drink coffee like the locals, you’ll need to skip the cream and milk and drink it black. Italians are known to skip on the dairy in their coffee any time after breakfast. While you won’t exactly be touring coffee farms, Rome gives you a chance to take a tour of cafes with rich histories and some of the best coffee you’ll ever enjoy.

For all those coffee lovers who are looking to plan the ultimate getaway, why not speak to your love of coffee and plan a vacation around your beverage of choice?

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