5 creative travel challenges for this summer

No matter where you are and who you are with, you can make each and every one of your trips count by adding a little bit of fun to the game. And today’s guest post is going to give us some pretty cool and creative challenges to do that for us. 

Maria Angelova, from 203challenges.com, is a 20-something travelling disaster roaming the world. She’s crazy about mirto from Sardinia, speaking in foreign languages (mostly if she can’t) and studying fortune-telling. Check out her creative picks for travel challenges you can take on your next trip! 


Dust off your adventure backpack or suitcase, get your shoes on and head to your next summer adventure! Hiking, rowing or diving might first come to your mind, but you can step up your game and embark on a more creative trip.

Here are a few ideas from a book that contains plenty of them – “203 Travel Challenges”.

1. The Night to Remember Challenge

There are many attractions which stay open even when its dark outside. There are also events created to make your night a night to remember. Its a different world when you trade the light of the sun for the light of the moon and the stars.

How to do it: Go to open-air cinema to enjoy a movie under the stars. Join a night sky watch through a telescope. Organize a night picnic with lanterns/candles/campfire. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy, (from May until October it is open until midnight on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays).

In New York the Brooklyn Museum has free admission until 11 p.m. the first Saturday of each month (except September).

2. The Go Out of Range for 24 Hours Challenge

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Photo: © Maria Angelova/www.203challenges.com

Normally, you are constantly online. We challenge you to go for at least 24 hours to a place where electronic devices are out of range. We challenge you to feel that you are here and you are here now, instead of drifting through virtual space.

3. The Bathe in a Waterfall Challenge

Enjoy a free shower from nature. If you try to find pictures of the waterfalls listed below, without a shadow of a doubt you will want to shower there next time.

4. The Sleep in a Hammock Challenge

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Photo: © Maria Angelova/www.203challenges.com

Spend summer nights in a hammock (in the woods, on the beach, in your own yard or even on the balcony – all these have been personally tested).

Have in mind that you might need a mat or a thicker sleeping bag if you sleep in a hammock in the mountains (otherwise there will be lots of teeth chattering). Get a hammock with a net to keep the mosquitoes away.

5. The Abandoned Place Challenge

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Photo: © Maria Angelova/www.203challenges.com

Abandoned places are interesting, sad and scary all at the same time as they have the most exciting stories to tell. If you end up in an abandoned place, take a peek inside. A house, a monument, a whole village

You may discover an object, as if just left there by its owners – you will get an insight into the past life of the place and the people, who used to dream, work and rest here…

There are groups on social networks, where you can find ideas and inspiration for abandoned places with truly impressive stories. There are websites dedicated to urbex (urban exploration), where you can see pictures and read stories, even if you have no intention of becoming an abandoned places discoverer.

Always take with you shoes with solid soles (you never know in what condition you’ll find the place), a flashlight and a camera to photograph your findings for all eternity.

Make your summer even more interesting!

Get the book: 203 Travel Challenges: Travel the world. Explore your inner self. (First edition)

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Photo: © Maria Angelova/www.203challenges.com

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Travel blogger and tourism graduate from Bulgaria, working in the field of Digital Marketing and PR for travel brands.

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  • I love fun and challenges. the idea of the 5 challenges in the summer is good. I like the idea. I try to follow the idea in next summer. I also read your book 203 travel challenges. it’s really a nice book. thanks maria for sharing this article.