5 Remarkable Historical Tourist Attractions in Scotland

When you think of a diverse destination to spend your holiday with family or friends, Scotland is a great option. With its scenic views and awe-inspiring historical and cultural wonders, you will surely love this place. Also, it offers tons of stunning attractions which you can visit while spending your time off.

Scotland is a vibrant country full of historic sites and museums you can include in your itinerary. To see them all, it is ideal to hire a car and embark on a road trip. An affordable car hire in Glasgow Airport is readily available to take you anywhere you want to go around the place. The moment you arrive in Scotland, ask the tourist information center in the airport to know how you can get one. Traveling around Scotland via car will make you appreciate and understand the culture and history of the country the easy way.

If you are ready to explore Scotland, here are some of the striking museums and historical tourist attractions you should never miss:

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Built and designed in Gothic style during 1814, St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Glasgow is a gorgeous church that is being admired because of its structure. A lot of tourists go here to hear mass, say a prayer, or simply witness the beauty of this historical church.

George Square

Known as the heart of Glasgow, George Square is one of the major historic Victorian tourist attractions in the city. You will see the 12 statues of the notable people linked to the city’s history. Here as well is the Town Hall, which was built in 1890 and is an important landmark imbued with Beaux art style. In addition, the Merchants’ House, Italian Centre, and other establishments found here offer various boutiques and restaurants you will enjoy.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Situated in the West End of Glasgow, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum offers art from across the world. This exquisite museum has perfectly curated cultural artifacts. It also consists of 22 themed galleries with 8000 art pieces that will surely catch your attention. The museum is free, so grab the chance to visit it.

kelvingrove glasgowPhoto: Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum/Pixabay

The Tall Ship

Located at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, The Tall Ship is the sole floating and sailing ship in Britain that was built in Clyde. Since the Clyde River is known for its ship-building heritage, some renowned ship all over the world were formed on the river’s banks.

The National Piping Centre and Museum of Piping

For those who are passionate about drums and bagpipes, you can visit The National Piping Centre in Glasgow. There are courses available which you can try if you want to learn more about these musical instruments. Additionally, the Museum of Piping can be found here where you can see the world’s oldest surviving bagpipe relic and Robbie Burns’ piping memorabilia.

When you get the opportunity to visit these tourist destinations, you will be taken back in time. The country’s arts, history, and crafts are very powerful, they will give you a taste of its past. You can never go wrong with Scotland, especially if you enjoy arts, culture and history.

Are you ready to explore Scotland now? 

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  • Great blog entry, Scotland was awesome…Edinburgh is one of my favorite European cities. I even got to see the grave of my ancestor outside a small chapel in the Highlands. You bring up the piping museum…there’s also an international bagpipe museum in Northern Spain, of all places.

  • Scotland seems great! I just have to convince myself that I can take the cold weather if I’m going there..