7 Picturesque Towns in Italy to Dream About

Italy is probably one of the first destinations that pops up to your mind when you think about your next vacation. And what’s not to love about it – rich history, top notch cuisine and authentic culture. But there’s more to Italy than Rome, Venice and Pisa. Although the best Italy tours always start with those iconic places, today I’m going to show you another 7 picturesque towns in Italy to dream about until your next vacation.

1. Cefalu, Sicily

The historic center, picturesque harbor and lovely beaches of Cefalu will charm you on the second. This little town offers an amazing sunset view from a 4th-century temple ruin Tempio di Diana you can’t miss.

cefalu italy toursPhoto: Cefalu, Sicily/Pixabay

2. Camogli

Camogli is a place taken out of a fairytale. With its picturesque little streets, restaurants and cafes, candy-colored homes and quaint square, you will be surprised how quickly you’ll fall in love with it.

3. Urbino

An inspiration for several Italian painters and a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Urbino is that kind of romantic and vibrant escape you need on your Italy tour. The hill town preserved its unique Renaissance appearance through its iconic palaces, churches and other iconic public edifices.

Urbino Italy toursPhoto: Urbino, Italy/Pixabay

4. Bari

The vibrant gem of Southern Italy – Bari, is a unique mix of ancient traditions and modern life. The authentic Italian spirit is mixed with the youthful and cooler atmosphere from the thousands of students in town.

5. Assisi

Small but rich of culture and history, Assisi is another picturesque town located in Central Italy. Its impressive Roman ruins, sacred shrines and medieval streets are worth seeing even for a little while so make sure to add Assisi to your Italy itinerary.

Assisi Italy toursPhoto: Assisi, Italy/Pixabay

6. Livorno

A place where you can immerse in Tuscany culture and cuisine and enjoy the quintessential Italian spirit. The pebbly beaches, shabby historic quarter and amazing seafood make it a top destination for your vacation in Italy.

7. Manarola

Famous with its wine and olive oil Manarola is probably the most picturesque town of Cinque Terre. But that’s not the only thing you’ll love in Manarola. Located in the Italian Riviera the town has an amazing landscape which you’ll never forget.

Manarola Italy toursPhoto: Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy/Pixabay

So before you head to Italy be sure to include these picturesque towns in your itinerary because the best part of the country is hidden in them. No matter if you’re just visiting for a day or a week each and every one of them is going to charm you and inspire you to discover more and more of Italy. Because the best tours of Italy are the ones we can’t forget!

Are you ready to discover the best of Italy now?

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  • I agree that Manarola was beautiful! I stayed in Monterosso, loved it there too!

  • Italy will always remain my favourite European holiday destination. These pictures definitely show why 🙂

  • Gosh, there are many more you could add to the list as well, aren’t there? Treviso, Saluzzo, Ravello, Pienza are just a few that come to mind… Thanks for the article.

  • Great post, always wanted to see more of the small, picturesque towns of southern Italy since I went on a two week trip to Sarteano. Thanks for sharing!