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Barcelona is one of the most diverse and interesting cities in Europe. What I loved the most about it was that it was totally bike-friendly. Getting around in Barcelona is pretty easy, not to mention – healthy and environmentally friendly. There’s only one thing that is better than a bike walk in Barcelona – a personalised Barcelona bike tour! 

Barcelona Experience provides unique bike experiences based on the extensive insider knowledge of the super friendly guides – Gaston and J.R. If you want to experience Barcelona in a different, more interesting and exciting way – keep reading!

I had the bike tour on my first day in Barcelona along with some other amazing people. The bikes were pretty odd, not the usual bikes I’ve been riding but they were so cute! I was pleasantly surprised how easy is to ride them and to get around the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter. 


I truly believe Gaston was a yogagrapher…


After we had a little chit-chat with our super friendly guides, it was time to start padle around Barcelona. The bike tour was super easy going and very relaxing. Our stops were filled with interesting facts about the Gothic Quarter, the Roman path, the ancient Aquaduct, the Gaudi’s legacy, what is left from the Olympic Games in 1992 and many more interesting things.

Riding through the narrow streets of Barcelona’s oldes quarter… 


I was also pleasantly surprised how personalised the tour was. Just on time we discovered “by accident” the best churros in Barcelona and the best gelato, too! I believe the guides can really feel the travellers’ needs… 

For me, the highlight of the tour was the spectacular coastal ride. Riding along the playful breeze and seeing the shimmering surface of the Mediterranean on the back of my brave metal stallion was one of the best feelings ever…


Gaston, our guide, made sure everyone was having fun…


Riding along the breeze of the Mediterranean…


Another iconic moment from our Barcelona bike tour was our stop at Parc de la Ciutadella and its impressive fountain which is a perfect stop for a group photo and the gigantic stone mamoth sculpture which is climbable. Nearby is the Barcelona’s Zoo and the good news is if you are under 3 years old, you can get in for free! How cool is that? 


It’s time to decide our next epic photo scenario…


Needless to say, our attempts to synchronize our jumps were more than the animals in the nearby Zoo, but it was worth it… 


Behind the scenes of our epic photo! The secret is in Gaston’s yoga skills…


To recap all said, the bike tour with Barcelona Experience is a perfect way to discover Barcelona’s oldest quarter and to have a unique experience at the waterfront. I recommend it to people who are looking for fun, adventurous, different, unique way to explore Barcelona. 

A few things to consider…

Duration: 3-4 hours

Meeting point: Calle Montserrat, 8

Other tours to consider: the awesome guides from Barcelona Experience offer many more exciting tours such as Gaudi bike tour, Mountain bike tour, Montjuic bike tour and others. They also offer shore excursions. You can find out more about all the trips on Make sure to follow Barcelona Experience on Facebook and Twitter

Disclaimer: I received this Barcelona bike tour complimentary but all the opinions are my own and I 100% liked it!

Thank you, Gaston and J.R for the perfect Barcelona Experience!



Would you consider joining a bike tour in Barcelona? Do you guys think we had fun?


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