20+ Digital Nomad Events, Retreats and Workations in 2023 & 2024

Now that the Bansko Nomad Fest is over and we’re halfway through the year, I’ve compiled a list of upcoming digital nomad events, retreats and workations for the rest of 2023 and 2024. I’ve also included information about digital nomad communities and organised trips, as well as some accommodation platforms for digital nomads.

These events are good for aspiring and experienced digital nomads, location-independent professionals, solopreneurs, remote workers, and entrepreneurs who value connections and want to take the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of this lifestyle and exchange ideas.

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List of digital nomad events & conferences
List of upcoming workations, retreats & coliving pop-ups
List of digital nomad communities
Where to find accommodation as a digital nomad

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Digital Nomad Events & Conferences

Events & ConferencesDatesLocation
Nomad City Festival 202315-29 July 2023Agaete, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Nomad Fest Switzerland20-27 August 2023Liddes, Switzerland
Nomadeire Digital Nomad Conference28-31 August 2023Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Costa Brava Digital Nomads & Remote Workers Conference22-24 September 2023Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava, Spain
Digital Nomad Conference Switzerland30 September 2023Bern, Switzerland / Online
Cross Border Coworking Conference9-11 October 2023Niksic, Montenegro
The Nomad World10-15 October 2023Algarve, Portugal
Coworking Europe28-29 November 2023Porto, Portugal
repeople ConferenceNovember 2023 (TBA)Canary Islands, Spain / Online
Nomad Island Fest7-13 December 2023Madeira, Portugal
Running Remote 202422-24 April 2024Lisbon, Portugal / Online
Bansko Nomad Fest 202423-30 June 2024Bansko, Bulgaria

Workations, Retreats and Coliving Pop-Ups

Coworking Island Life8-21 July 2023 & AugustIkaria Island, Greece
Nomad Month Prague20 August – 16 September 2023Prague, Czech Republic
Summer Workation27 August – 10 September 2023Coliving Frilingue, Liddes, Switzerland
Coworksurf City1-30 September 2023Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Unsettled Sailing2-9 September 2023Sardinia, Italy
Remote9 Sail Croatia13-30 September 2023Croatia
Wellness Coliving Experience1-29 October 2023Burgas Coliving, Bulgaria
Lavora Cilento Pop-up coliving9-23 October 2023Agropoli, Italy
AI Retreat for Digital Nomads – RoboHobo 202321 October – 1 November 2023Zakynthos, Greece
Cape Town Coliving RetreatNovember 2023 – February 2024Cape Town, South Africa
Fokus Productivity Retreat for Entrepreneurs4 -18 February 2024; 10 – 23 March 2024Ubud, Bali

Nomad Lighthouse Coliving Experience in Gozo, Malta

5-14 May 2024Gozo, Malta
Nomad RetreatsAll yearEverywhere
Wi-Fi TribeAll yearEurope, Asia, Americas, Africa
Digital Nomad Adventures (DNA)Monthly / All YearThailand, Bali

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Nomad Fest Switzerland 2023

Nomad City Festival 2023 – Canary Islands

Nomad City Festival is two weeks of networking, learning, and fun in Agaete, Canary Islands. Some of the speakers at Nomad City Festival are Chris Cerra (RemoteBase.co), Anna Maria Kochanska (The Remote Impact), Dean Kuchel (Digital Nomads Israel + United Nomads), Gonçalo Hall (NomadX), Han Talbot (The Remote Life Podcast), Joao Mendes (Thriving Nomads), Nacho Rodriguez (Repeople), and many more.

Nomad Fest Switzerland 2023

Nomad Fest Switzerland

Organised by Coliving Friligue, Nomad Fest Switzerland is a 1-week event to connect, learn, and experience the great outdoors in the picturesque Swiss Alps together with up to 80 digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and freedom seekers. You can participate as a digital nomad attendee, event volunteer, or community ambassador. Some of the speakers include Yury Byalik (Onfolio.com), Piera Mattioli (Nomad Service Design), and more to be announced.

Digital Nomad Conference Nomadeire Ireland 2023

Nomadeire Digital Nomad Conference – Ireland

Nomadeire is organising the first digital nomad conference in Ireland in August. Learn about Digital Nomad & remote work projects, location independent entrepreneurship, solopreneurship, and sustainability. Some of the speakers you’ll hear from at Nomadeire Conference are Alice Nettleingham (Speak to Alice), Michelle Coulson (Remote Rebellion), Dani Maletic (Nomadeire), and more.

Costa Brava Digital Nomads & Remote Workers Conference – Spain

Costa Brava Digital Nomads & Remote Workers Conference 2023

3 days of adrenaline, training, inspiration and fun to get in touch with the Digital Nomads international leaders (and their communities). There is an application process. You can see some of the speakers on the website. Attending the event is free but if you want to upgrade to include activities and accommodation, the ticket price is €145. There’s also a week-long pass available for €478.

Digital Nomad Conference Switzerland 2023

Digital Nomad Conference Switzerland

The Digital Nomad Conference Switzelrand is a one-day event that aims to provide practical information about location-independent work, while enjoying the Swiss lifestyle. This is a hybrid event – it will be streamed online as well. Some of the speakers include Haz Memon and Fanny Caloz (Escape Coliving), Claire Houston, and more.

Cross Border Coworking Conference 2023

Cross Border Coworking Conference – Montenegro

Cross Border Coworking Conference connects digital nomads, coworking managers, tourist boards, entrepreneurs and public administration in Montenegro. Applications are starting soon – follow the organiser’s pages to be updaged.

The Nomad World – Portugal


Coworking Europe 2023 Porto

Coworking Europe – Portugal

The Coworking Europe conference is the biggest and oldest international event devoted to the rising Coworking and Flex Workspace industry. The conference gathers every year 500+ delegates from more than 40 countries.

repeople Conference – Canary Islands 2023

repeople Conference – Canary Islands

repeople is Europe’s largest remote ​work conference. It covers topics such as remote work, innovation, culture, leadership, tourism, case studies and many more. Stay tuned as they prepare to announce this year’s speaker programme, a selection of workshops, networking activities and other surprises.

Nomad Island Fest - Madeira 2023

Nomad Island Fest – Madeira

Get exposed to an entrepreneurial nomadic network, unlock potential new opportunities, clients, partners, collaborators, mentors, and get inspired by the diversity of stories. Some of the speakers in 2023 include Derek Smith (Mr. Derek Smith), Neil Ateem, and more.

Running Remote 2024 Portugal

Running Remote 2024  – Portugal

Join the premier conference for remote-first and hybrid teams. Every year, hundreds of companies from around the globe attend our two-day live event to discuss the latest strategies on remote work, company culture, workforce management, and more.

bansko nomad fest 2024 bulgaria

Bansko Nomad Fest 2024 – Bulgaria

For one week hundreds of nomads, remote workers and freelancers will take over a beautiful village in Bulgaria for an amazing mix of presentations, workshops, sports, mindfulness and nature.

Workations, Retreats and Coliving Pop-Ups
Coworking Island Life 2023 Ikaria Greece

Coworking Island Life – Greece

Ikaria is also one of the unique Blue Zones, it is a surfing spot and it has famous late-night village festivals. The Coworking Island Life is a 2-week retreat including work time, surf, boxing or pilates, night life activities, and community. The retreats are organised in June, July and August 2023.

NomadMonth Prague 2023

Nomad Month Prague

Nomad Month Prague is a month-long retreat to meet a diverse community of remote workers from around the globe and expats from more than 20 countries at a coworking space. In order to participate in a Nomad Month program, participants must have remote jobs or a project they’ll be working on during the trip. There’s also an application process.

Workations Switzerland Coliving Frilingue

Summer Workation – Switzerland

Coliving Frilingue is organising several workations – in both summer and winter. Experience a digital nomad community, stunning Swiss nature, and a perfect balance of work and leisure. Packages start from 250/week for a shared room.

Coworksurf City in Las Palmas 2023

Coworksurf City – Canary Islands

3 amazing coliving houses, booked out for 29 days, just for the Coworksurf community. In the tranquil neighborhood of Ciudad de Jardin in the middle of the cool and buzzing surf mecca Las Palmas, you’ll find the first-ever Coworksurf City. The ultimate Coworksurf experience.

unsetteled sailing sardinia 2023

Unsettled Sailing – Sardinia

This trip is designed for lovers of Italian cuisine, sunseekers, party-goers, and, most importantly, professionals who live-outside-of-the-box and contribute to others’ lives. With Unsettled, not only will you experience Sardinia, but you’ll build connections with a couple of dozen authentic humans from around the world.

Sail Croatia 2023

Remote9 Sail Croatia

For 16 days of sailing along the Croatian coast and archipelago, this coworking trip gathers 9 ambitious and dope remote professionals from different backgrounds and industries + 1 experienced skipper. There is an application process and the trip group is curated. The group spends a couple of nights in a luxury villa before sailing off. The catamaran includes a coworking area.

Wellness Coliving Experience Chateaux Coliving Burgas Coliving Bulgaria

Wellness Coliving Experience

The team of Chateaux Coliving (France) together with selected wellness experts is organising a pop-up coliving experience around wellness, self-care, nutrition, and more, in the Bulgarian seaside – at Burgas Coliving. For one month, this coliving pop-up experience aims to help you incorporate wellness & self care into your already existing routines, while living and working together.

Lavora Silento popup coliving Italy 2023

Lavora Cilento Pop-Up Coliving – Italy

LavoraCilento is designed to bring together like-minded individuals who share a passion for meaningful connections and creating new synergies.  A unique coliving designed for digital nomads and remote workers that want to make a taste of the Mediterranean diet while experiencing Genius Loci, Slow Living, Deseasoning, Equilibrium.

robohobo workation retreat 2023

AI Retreat for Digital Nomads – RoboHobo 2023 – Greece

  • Dates: 21 October – 1 November 2023 (12 days)
  • Location: Zakynthos, Greece
  • Website: Application Form
  • Socials: N/A
  • Tickets: €450 – €800

A nomad workation retreat on a Greek island themed around AI and Automation – sharing tools and workflows, working together, and exploring collaborations potential. With capacity for up to 14 people, it is a complex with 3 Villas, total of 8 rooms, pool, bbq area. 15 min drive from Planos town. 

Work Wanderer Cape Town Coliving retreat 2023 2024

Work Wanderer Cape Town Coliving Retreat

  • Dates: November 2023 – February 2024
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Website: www.workwanderers.com/cape-town
  • Socials: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter
  • Tickets: from $1550/month
  • Other Retreats: Ubud, Bali (25 August – 3 September 2023) and Koh Tao, Thailand (22 Sep – 1 Oct 2023)

One month coliving program for digital nomads who want to connect with like-minded people, focus on career growth & explore a digital nomad hub together. Explore this eclectic African city with like-minded individuals, while learning from each other & enhancing your career development.

Productivity Retreat in Bali 2024 for digital noamds

Fokus Productivity Retreat for Entrepreneurs– Ubud, Bali

Fokus is a productivity retreat dedicated to entrepreneurs/ founders/ aspiring entrepreneurs who want to get their motivation to go through the roof, be hyper-productive, learn from other entrepreneurs, and create meaningful & impactful businesses. By surrounding yourself with the right people in an ideal environment, you can enhance productivity and concentration, boost motivation, minimize your distractions, and get things done while also having fun through evening activities, weekend excursions and plenty of healthy meals.

digital nomad events 2024

Nomad Lighthouse Coliving Experience – Gozo, Malta

A transformative, purpose-driven coliving experience! Join us for a week of reconnecting with yourself, with your purpose and with other nomads who are on the same path, while immersed in the magical vibe of Gozo island, Malta.

Nomad Lighthouse Coliving Experience in Gozo, Malta


Nomad Retreats – Everywhere

Nomad Retreats is a marketplace of coworking retreats and workations around the world. You can sort and filter according to your preferred destinations, budget and duration. You can find workations and retreats for digital nomads in Portugal, Croatia, Madeira, Quito, Goa, and many more.

Digital Nomad Adventures (DNA) – Thailand, Bali

Nine to eleven day group adventure tours in South Thailand and Bali. Designed for nomads by nomads. Organised by a group of entrepreneurs and digital nomads who want to connect people with the aim of helping each other achieve their goals and get closer to dream lifestyle.

Digital Nomad Communities

I’ve compiled a list of existing digital nomad communities around the world. Some of them are trip-focused, or invite-only. Check them out:

Wi-Fi Tribe – a currated community of remote workers that spends a month coliving, coworking, and exploring a new country together. Next trips include Gran Canaria, Ecuador, Georgia and Italy in August 2023.

Unsettled – retreats for remote workers and independent remote professionals.

Remote Year – Work remotely and explore 80+ destinations with a community of professionals. Join us for 1 month, 1 year, or anywhere in between.

Work Wanderers – Work Wanderers offers coaching programs, online courses and travel programs to help freedom seekers from around the world become digital nomads and live the lifestyle. Next retreats include Bali, Ubud, and Cape Town.

Hacker Paradise – curates global trips so that you can travel the world while working remotely. Accommodations, coworking space, community & more.

Digital Nomads Herzegovina – Are you thinking of visiting Bosnia & Herzegovina? You might have a look at the newly established Digital Nomads Herzegovina community.

Digital Nomad Association Croatia – Dedicated to turn Croatia into a top destination for digital nomads, while uniting & serving digital nomads in Croatia.

Lagos Digital Nomads – “Lagos Digital Nomads” was a project that started off as a Facebook group in August 2020.

How to find accommodation as a digital nomad

The price for Airbnb have been rising over the last years. There’s various new options to find accommodation as a digital nomad if you want to avoid high Airbnb costs. Here’s a few websites you can have a look at.Flatio - monthly rentals for digital nomads

Flatio – Flatio is a platform for monthly rentals with hand-picked, deposit-free, and reasonably priced listings in over 300 destinations, mainly in Europe. Flatio works directly with real estate owners who want to utilize their properties for monthly apartment rentals without a real estate agency. On the profile of each landlord, you can see what they’re like and how they have been rated by previous tenants. You can find properties in Portugal, Croatia, Malta, and many more.

NomadStays – Modern accommodation booking platform built by digital nomads for digital nomads.

Swapoffi – Swap your home with other digital nomads so you can work and travel, with unlimited free accommodation.

RemoteBase newsletter – The hottest accommodation deals for digital nomads & travelling remote workers, send monthly.

Noad Exchange – invite-only trusted home sharing network of remote professionals.

Nomads Tribe – Find hand picket coliving spaces with focus on community.

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