Disneyland Paris for one day: When, how and what to do!

The magic has been done! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and that was one of the best (and scariest) experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve decided to share my one day at Disneyland and some of the things I learnt which, in my opininon, can help you to plan your visit there.

How to get there by train

You can get the RER train to go to Disneyland. The line you need from the city is Line A (Red). You have to take it from one of the 5 stations: Charles de Gaulle Etoile, Auber, Chatelet Les Halles, Gare de Lyon or Nation. The direction and the departure station is called Marne-la-Vallée — Chessy (parc Disneyland). (MAP)

As of January 1st the price is 7,50 euro.

Travel Time: around 40 minutes. There is a train at approximately every 15 minutes. The first one is at 5:22 (from Gare de Lyon) and the last one – at 00:39 (from Disneyland).

If you are at the RER station and you are still wondering which train to take just pick one family with children and follow them. The chances they’re going to the same place are big (:


First of all my advice is to see the full Disneyalnd map and if you can, choose the attractions you want to see first. When you go to the parks go straight to the rides you choose.

Food: If you plan to stay at Disneyland the whole day and you want to save money, bring food from home. There were many people eating homemade sandwiches and waiting at lines. That way you can save time and money.

Disneyland Castle

Disneyland Castle

When you get there…

Go early! The lines for the rides are so long. The Disneyland Park opens at 10 a.m. We were there at 9:30 and there were already so many people waiting to go in. If you can, go at 9 a.m.

Go straight to the rides which you choose earlier. If you want to know which ones are the scariest – 12. Big Thunder Mountain and 46. Space Mountain. Keep in mind that Indiana Jones ride is closed till June 2014.

Number 22 – Pirates of the Caribbean is okay. Not so intensive but it has 2 big slides which are awesome. The Phantom Manor (N9) is not a Horror House as I thought. Actually it’s not scary at all. It’s more like a place where you can see well-done scenes and sceletons. I didn’t like the cars – 47.Autopia. I tought there will be real cars to drive but they are ones that run on a particular line. Not so intensive as I expected.

Get a Free Fastpass! Go to the rides you want to visit the most first thing you get there and ask for a fastpass. That way you can book a certain hour and go back to the ride on the given time and on a shorter line. I was waiting in a regular line for an hour and a half and those with fastpass waited no more than 20 min.

And here are some photos from the Disneyland Park:

Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

Pirate's Beach

Pirate’s Beach

Alice’s Curious Labyrint

Alice’s Curious Labyrint

Mad Hatter’s TeaCups

Mad Hatter’s TeaCups

Wall-E & Eve

Wall-E & Eve


Disneyland Paris Park Entrance

I hope this article helps you!

Have YOU been to Disneyland and which ride did you like the most?

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  • I have not been to Paris Disneyland but have been to Disney World in Orlando! That was over ten years ago, though. I loved it and would like to go back. It’s not just for kids! 🙂

  • Thankyou so much for this! The bit about getting there from Gare Du Nord is very helpful, I’ve saved this page as a bookmark 🙂 I’m super excited now!

  • Really interesting post! It makes me want to visit Disneyland even more 🙂 The photos are amazing and my favourite one is probably the photo of Alice’s Curious Labyrint :))) I would love to spend a day at this magical place!