Escape Rooms Sofia – the perfect adventure you need in one hour


Location: Sveti Sveti Kiril I Metodiy 126, Sofia

Players: 2-6

Price: 10 to 15 EUR per person

Our rating: ★★★★☆

The door is locked and you have just 60 minutes to find the key and to escape a room… but it’s a little bit more complicated than just finding the lock. 

Escape Rooms Sofia is an intense, fun and interesting adventure – exactly the one you need for less than an hour. Your goal is to solve the riddles and use wisely the hints in a room full of mysteries and to find the exit key. If you are in Sofia and want to spend an amazing time with friends, head to the place and enjoy! 

What is a real life escape room?

A group of 2 to 6 people is locked in a room full of riddles, clues and puzzles. They have to solve them one by one in order to find the key and leave. In less than 60 minutes.


Why Escape Rooms Sofia?

Escape Rooms Sofia offer a real life Sherlock Holmes experience for adventure enthusiasts. The rooms are located near the city center and are easy to find. The owners are super friendly and they will make sure you are feeling welcomed and ready to embrace the challenge. Escape Rooms Sofia have two rooms:

  • Mystery Boudoir

This one tells a story about a famous artist killed in her boudoir and you have to find who and how she got killed. Even though we were a team of four we got stuck several times wondering how to solve the riddles. 

But with some logical and intuitive thinking (and a few hints) we escaped in 44 minutes! Such an intense game with challenging obstacles but we made it on time. Working under pressure is not easy but you have to experience it!


  • Soviet Room

We were told that the Soviet Room is a bit harder. So if you are not scared of a challenge, try to solve the mystery behind Cold War story of Colonel Ivanov!

No matter which one you choose, all the rooms require logical and fast thinking, team work and a certain strategy. But either way you will have a great time. 


Should I do this?

If you are fan of challenging puzzles, team work and you think you deserve a place in a Sherlock Holmes movie – then definitely YES! 

Escape rooms are fun and alternative way to spend great time with friends when you are visiting Sofia. They are suitable for first time escapees as well as for pros. 

It costs 30 EUR for 2 or 3 people and 10 EUR for any additional friend but the hype and adrenaline afterwards are priceless. 

Escape Rooms Sofia, Bulgaria

Address: Sveti Sveti Kiril I Metodiy 126, Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 (0) 02 423 0663

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