Exploring Athens at Night

No matter what our destination is, we need to experience every trip as a whole new adventure that we must enjoy to the fullest. What we need to do is to explore the place we are visiting like true travellers not tourists; walk its streets, taste its food, listen to its music and discover its hidden treasures. In short, live like a local. There are some things you definitely have to do in every place you visit, for example take a walk in the center of the city or live  experiences that shape this place’s character.

In Athens, you will definitely stroll around the historical center and have dinner in a Greek traditional restaurant. Or it is a great miss if you don’t relax in a hotel in Athens with rooftop to enjoy a cocktail and the panoramic view of the city and the Acropolis at night. In this article, we gathered some information about what you should experience if you spend at least one night  in Athens.

A walk in the historical center

Greece is well-known for its ancient history and culture and Athens is renowned all over the world for the Acropolis and the Parthenon temple. The center of the city is full of historical and archaeological sites besides the Acropolis, while neighbourhoods like Plaka, Psirri, Monastiraki and Thisio combine the beauty of neoclassical buildings with the liveliness of modern everyday life. A walk in the historical center is a must-do, as you will have the chance to relish some of the most beautiful neighbourhoods of Athens. Especially at night the scenery is wonderful, as the lights of the whole city and, most importantly, the lights of Acropolis are lit. It is one of the most romantic walks you will experience in Athens.

Dinner in a traditional Greek restaurant

Tasting traditional food is one of the best ways to get familiar with a country’s culture, therefore it is something you must do at least once during your stay. Usually, all of us try the most famous specialties, although traditional food is more than that. If you want to taste real traditional food, you need to go to the right place; in a Greek “taverna”. Please avoid the ones located in the touristy areas and choose a hidden-in-the-back-streets “taverna” with customers who are locals; there are plenty of them in Athens. If you are lucky and find a restaurant with live Greek music, don’t turn it down; we reassure you that you will have a wonderful time.

Cocktail in a hotel with rooftop

In Athens, the view from above is magnificent in the evening, so you should grab every opportunity to enjoy that view. Instead of going out to an ordinary bar, we recommend you to enjoy your drink in a hotel in Athens with rooftop. There are many terraces in the center of the city, many of them located in some of the most famous luxury suites in Athens, so you will easily  find one that is up to your standards. In Plaka, Monastiraki and Psirri, the scenery becomes even more marvelous with  the lit-up Parthenon.

There are so many things you can do during your stay in Athens. It is practically impossible to include all of them in one blogpost. We can only strongly recommend to try our suggestions and explore Athens in every possible way!

Guest Author: Kate Zervou is originally from Greece, where she lives and works as a digital marketer. She is passionate about travelling and culture, therefore she loves combining both in her trips. Her goal is to share her experiences with others, so that all people have the chance to discover the hidden treasures of Greece. 

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