Top 5 reasons to visit Croatia


Bordering the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the most beautifully diverse countries in Europe. Through its ranging landscape and breathtaking beaches, the Dalmatian coast is one of Europe’s newest hotspots for travelers around the world. As such, FlightHub Review has compiled a list of just some of the reasons why you need to visit this beautiful country.

Eat all the delicious food

Being on the coast, the culinary delicacies of Croatia are a wonderful blend of sea food and influences from neighboring countries. From pizzas made in an Italian fashion to charcuterie platters that would make any Frenchman salivate, Croatia is truly the intersection of a gastronomical wonderland.

See the cultural history and monuments

There’s so much to do and history to learn while visiting Croatia that it’s hard for FlightHub to focus on just one area! But if you’re looking for a wonderful place where history and modernity meet, then make your way to Dubrovnik and walk around Old Town.

As the set for the very popular HBO show Game of Thrones, Old Town is the perfect place to do some sightseeing while in Croatia. While in Old Town, FlightHub suggests taking a walking tour of the City Walls that wind their way for a total of 1920 square meters throughout the city! You can complete the tour within two hours and see much of the city on foot this way.


If walking around all day doesn’t sound that appealing, then FlightHub recommends taking a cable car up the mountain and looking down at the beautiful city of Dubrovnik! The prices are reasonable and it makes for a wonderful photo op!

Behold the natural beauty of the beaches…

Spiaza, Susak

This tiny island is made up almost exclusively of sand and is the perfect destination for beach go-ers in Croatia. Located near Mali Losinj, one of the many islands off the northwest coast of Croatia’s landmass, the beach is accessible only by ferry. The bay in which Spaiza is found is very shallow, therefore making it an ideal beach for those with young children, or those who aren’t strong swimmers.

Nin beaches

With kilometers of beautiful sand and perfect surf, there’s nothing quite like Nin beach. The allure from this beach is the wonderfully rich mud that is found around the water. The peloid rich mud is said to help those suffering from sore joints and muscles. FlightHub suggests testing out this local mud bath while you’re there!


Go mountain climbing in Paklenica Canyon

The beaches in Croatia are doubtfully beautiful, the Dalmatian coast is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking natural coastlines of the world. But once you’re done beach bumming around, FlightHub encourages you to get out and explore Croatia’s mountain range. FlightHub encourages you to see the mountains as they offer a spectacular view of the towns and coast that make up this beautiful country.

The Paklenica Canyon is a beautiful mountain range that is only 45km from Zadar, making it an accessible day trip for those wishing to see the natural beauty of Croatia. It is listed as a moderate walking and hiking tour, therefore accessible for any level hiker visiting the mountain.

Are you ready to visit Croatia now? 

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