List of All Free Tours in Bulgaria

Joining free tours is a nice way to get to know a city for just a few hours. First of all, they are free /gotta appreciate your budget/. Second of all, the guides are usually very passionate about what they do and why they do it.

These projects usually are donation based. That means you are completely free to choose if you want to leave a tip/donation or not. Overall, Bulgaria is pretty affordable travel destination. However, that doesn’t stop us from having a handful of free tours. Here is a list of all of them: 

Free Tours in SOFIA


● Free Sofia Tour

I’ve been to this tour several times already and every time I learn something new. The guides are very passionate, knowledgeable and creative. It is a perfect way to learn more about the history, culture and main attractions in Sofia. It is a free walking sightseeing tour, organized by the non-profit organization 365. 

When: Every day, 11 AM and 6 PM
Where: Palace of Justice, Sofia
Duration: ~2 hours
My Tip: Prepare for a questionnaire and some little onions! 

● Balkan Bites – Free Food Tour

I’ve been twice over the period of 2 years. Last time, October 2016, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the diversity of meals and restaurants visited during the tour – 5 in total! You will try typical Balkan meals, learn more about the Balkan cuisine and will find some friends to explore Sofia with afterwards. The tour is healthy based, so you won’t be disappointed. Vegetarian options are available. 

When: Every day, 2 PM
Where: Krystal Garden
Duration: ~2 hours
My Tip: Combine with the Free Sofia Tour at 11 AM for a perfect day in Sofia! 

● Sofia Graffiti Tour 

This is the first ever free grafitti tour and the latest tour organized in Sofia. The tour is dedicated to the diversity of street art that can be found in the Bulgarian capital. The walk shows interesting facts about the graffiti culture in Sofia as well as basic information about main historical sites of Sofia and places with significance to the locals.

When: Every Saturday and Sunday, 3 PM
Where: In front of the statue of Sveta Sofia
Duration: ~2,5 hours

● Sofia Communist Trabant Tour 

Travel around Sofia and learn about Communism times in Bulgaria while riding in Trabant – the iconic Communist vehicle. What a creative way to explore a city, don’t you think? And, it’s free. This tour promises to give you an idea of what life was like for people living in Bulgaria during the Communist era. 

When: 10 AM every Saturday and Sunday
Where: In front of Starbucks near NDK (National Palace of Culture)
Duration: ~2 hours
Additional Costs: using Metro for one stop (1,60 BGN ticket price). 


● Free Sofia Hike Tour from April to November

If you want to escape from the city and enjoy the nearby Vitosha mountain, check out the Free Hike Tour of Sofia. The hiking starts from Boyana Church – a UNESCO site, to the Boyana Waterfall – preferred place for Sofia citizens during the summer.

Additional costs for taxi from Sofia center to Boyana Church may appear (around 10 euro per 2-4 people). You should wear comfortable shoes, bring water and a sandwich. The Entrance fee for Boyana Church is 1 EUR for students and 5 EUR for regular visitors. 

When: April-November, 11 AM
Where: National Theater “Ivan Vazov”
Duration: ~5 hours


Free Sofia Bike Tour – from April to November

You can also explore Sofia on a bike. The Bulgarian capital is becoming more and more bike friendly so it’s a good way to spend your day in the city. The tour is available from April to November. During the other months, it requires reservations. 

When: Twice a day – 11 AM Sofia Green Bike Tour, 5 PM Landmarks Bike Tour
Where: National Theater Ivan Vazov
Rent a bike: 10 BGN (5 EUR) – insurance included
Duration: ~3 hours

● The Bohemian Sofia Tour – Behind the scenes of Old Sofia

Are you curious about the Bohemian history of Sofia? This 2 hours free tour will reveal the secrets of the Bohemian decades of the city’s history – the years of the Monarchy. A licensed local guide will walk you through the most iconic places in Sofa’s center and help you learn more about the city and the country itself.

When: Every Saturday, 16:00 
Where: In front of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Duration: ~2 hours

Free Tours in PLOVDIV


● Free Plovdiv Tour

Plovdiv is one of my most favourite cities in Bulgaria. Its vibrant and bohemic atmosphere will enchant you for sure. Moreover, Plovdiv is getting more and more attention because it is named a European Capital of Culture for 2019. During the tour, you will visit the main sites, learn more about Plovdiv and its two most iconic parts – Kapana and the Old Town. 

When: May-Sept at 11 AM, Oct-April at 2 PM
Where: Municipality Building next to the central fountain
Duration: ~2,5 hours
My Tip: Get your camera because you will have a lot of great photo opportunities! 

Other Free Tours in BULGARIA


●  Free Walking Tour in Bansko

The tour takes place in the central part of Bansko known as the Old Town. Discover the most interesting historical sights and hidden gems while at the same time learn about the unique local culture, cuisine, language, tradition, arts and architecture of Bansko. 

When: Every Saturday and Sunday
Where: The tour starts at 14.00 in front of the “Holy Trinity Church”
Duration: 1,5-2 h.
Website: or Facebook
My Tip: Check out my article about 23 things to do and see in Bansko, Bulgaria

●  Free Walking Tour in Veliko Turnovo

Veliko Turnovo is located in Central Bulgaria and is a former capital of Bulgaria.. Its most known site is Tsarevets Fortress. Veliko Turnovo is full of history and during this tour you can discover the hidden stories of the old capital. I still haven’t visited the tour but I have visited Veliko Turnovo several times and I can say it’s worth it to spend a day or two there. 

When: from April to the beginning of November at 11 AM /Nov-Mar on demand/
Where: Tourist Information Center VT
Duration: ~2,30 h. 
My Tip: Ask about the Light and Sound Show at Tsarevets happening around the major public holidays in Bulgaria!

●  Free Stara Zagora Walking Tour

Stara Zagora also has its own free walking tour. I have deep connections with this city, not so popular among tourists, but still worth visiting. The tour shows you the ancient history of Stara Zagora and ancient life of its citizens. 

When: only on demand via email, website or Tourist Information Center Stara Zagora

Where: Antique Forum Augusta Trayana
Duration: ~30-40 min
Website: (Bulgarian only)

●  Ruse Summer Free Tour

A free English walking tour in Ruse – also called the Small Vienna, will take you around the central parts of this Danube city. During the tour you will learn why Ruse is also called the City of the First 100 Things in Bulgaria.

When: Friday and Saturday at 6 PM, during Summer months
Where: Liberty Square
Duration: 1,30 h.


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