Generator Hostel Berlin – More than just a hostel in the heart of Berlin

generator hostel in the heart of Berlin

Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte
Oranienburger Strasse 65, Berlin, Germany, 10117
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Back into 2014 when I travelled to London for my birthday in October, I was this close to staying in a Generator Hostel. I even booked a place for a few nights but had to cancel last minute. Since then I’ve been waiting the moment when I will be able to get close to Generator Hostels brand and community.

And then, for ITB this March, I was able to experience the innovative concept of a hostel that offers not only pure accommodation and bunch of backpackers gathered around the bar but something more…

Why Generator Hostel Berlin – Mitte 

Generator brand is part of the new hostel industry – trendy, modern, up to date with new technologies and high quality services. That’s also what Generator Hostel Berlin Mitte is. It is actually more than a hostel. It is a lifestyle, a community, a whole small world in the heart of Berlin.

Why? Because I literally had everything I needed there. A comfortable bed, clean, big and stylish room, nice view… There is a coffee place, a big work area, inside patio, and of course – a bar.



The best thing about it… 

But the best thing about Generator Hostel Berlin was definitely the location. When I travel to a new city I always try to stay in central parts to save time and, many times, money, too. Generator Hostel in Berlin was very close to all central sites in Berlin. 10 minutes walking from the Berlin tower, 30 seconds to a metro station… it was a pleasure to sleep in the most vibrant part of Berlin. But still, the neighbourhood was not noisy at all so I was able to get my night’s sleep without a problem.


Oh, wait. I almost forgot! The unlimited coffee for breakfast was even better. And it was good! Accompanied with a freshly baked croissant or musli with yoghurt, I was more than ready to hit ITB Berlin Convention Center again. Plus, there is a great pizza place just around the corner!

There was only one small downfall – towels are additionally charged on the reception. I find this odd, but it may be normal anyway (I’m not a huge hostel visitor, I mostly use Airbnb). 



So if you’re still thinking if you should stay at Generator Hostel, go for it. It is everything you need – it is contemporary, central, social and safe. What else do you need? Ah, Wi-Fi, of course. Silly me. Well, it was there, it was fast and was available in the room, too. 

Your turn: What’s your best hostel experience?

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