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“I am a time traveler!”

                          – Mihaela, Love Plovdiv

For those of you who don’t know, Plovdiv is one of the most charming towns in Bulgaria. Although it is the second largest city in the country, its atmosphere is rather calm, kind of bohemic and well… peaceful in general. 

Plovdiv will get a lot of attention in the next few years because it was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture for 2019. But even before that Plovdiv was subject to one specific love.

The love of Mihaela who stands behind the very successful and inspiring Instagram account Love Plovdiv, dedicated to her love to the city. Check out our Q&A and her inspiring Instagram story:


When and how did you start your journey on Instagram? Did you expect such success

Everything began in November 2013, a very memorable year for me. I traveled to Rome and the Eternal city was my inspiration. I fell in love with the streets of Rome – the combination of history, charming little streets, the smell of basil and Peroni (Italian beer).

I was so enchanted with this city that the moment I arrived in Plovdiv, I looked up and found popular instagrammers photographing Rome.

So, I thought that if there are people like me who are in love with Rome, there would be people who will feel the same way about my hometown Plovdiv. I was always keen on photography.

One day I just created Love Plovdiv, and started posting photos of the city. So all kinds of people started following me and almost 2 years from then the people who love Plovdiv are almost 7000.

For me success is when even just one person shows its appreciation to the thing I do. So, you could say it’s successful?

Your photos are always very appealing, get tons of Instagram love and are very inspiring. Do you think it’s because of that it is destination based or is it something else? What is the secret?

I think it’s a combination of the two – people who are amazed by the beauty of the city and also by the way I see it through my eyes (my phone). And let’s not forget that Plovdiv is getting more and more popular, because it was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture for 2019!

So I think the secret is that I have read almost every book about Plovdiv. Knowing the history of this city helps me to see how every street or building looked like before 50 years and now. And that’s where the magic is. I am a time traveler!

What is your advice for new Instagrammers who want to inspire others with their travel photos?

People should understand that often enough, as busy in everyday life as we are, we miss the little details. We walk the same street a thousand times but we never notice the beautiful building that is just standing there.

I just want to ask them one thing: At least once a day lift up your eyes for a second to discover something new, unknown and beautiful, no matter where you are – Plovdiv or on the other side of the world.

Show us one of your favorite Instagram photos.

It is really difficult to show you my favorite photo. I put in every one something from me, so I really can’t choose the best one.

In November 2014 my friends and I celebrated LovePlovdiv’s first birthday in PLOVEDIV Gallery (a small nice place in the Kapana creative district). So for the celebration I made postcards from Love Plovdiv‘s photos.

The two postcards that were sold on the first day were these:

С дъжд или #сняг в #Пловдив все е красиво!

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