July Morning in Bulgaria and how to keep your travel memories alive

The sunrise on the first day of July has a very special meaning in Bulgaria. On this day, we celebrate July Morning – a self-proclaimed tradition of waiting for the sunrise on 1st of July since the night before.

July Morning in Bulgaria

The so called festival is considered to be a celebration of the new beginnings and the freedom of the spirit, but it is also a good excuse to spend some nice time with friends.

The name of the festival comes from the Uriah Heep’s song “July Morning” which became wildly popular in Bulgaria in the 80s. Gathering the night before and waiting for the sunrise on the beach has become part of the hippie movement in the country.

This year, we welcomed the first sun lights in one of the best places for this – the south Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, in the sea town of Sinemorets. The seaside is a typical place to celebrate July Morning in Bulgaria. Some people also prefer to go to the mountains and watch the sunrise from the top. There is really no “rules” when it comes to how to celebrate it. The most important thing is to let go of all your worries and have fun.

With group of friends, we used the opportunity to make a road trip to the Black Sea and have some good time together. So good, that I decided to keep all the memories from this trip in a special way:

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Favourite photos from July Morning

#1. The Mouthwatering Food

Celebrating July Morning on the beach has its perks – one of them is being able to eat fresh fish and seafood all.the.time. It’s needless to say that the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is the best place for eating such delicacies, although Bulgarian cuisine is not popular with its sea food.

July morning in Bulgaria - HP Deskjet Advantage

But a big part of our weekend trip to the sea was eating various types of fresh fish, mussels, and other mouthwatering meals. Keeping in mind that the weather was not good during our first day in Sinemorets and the area, we were happy to do our own restaurant crawl and made the best out of our day.

My most favourite restaurants: Horizont in Sinemorets, Pri Dimo in Varvara village.

#2. Spending time with Friends

July morning in Bulgaria - HP Deskjet Advantage

Spending time with the right people is always a good idea. I don’t need to convince you about that. Our group of four, most of which travel bloggers, had the best time possible despite the bad weather and long drive.

July morning in Bulgaria - HP Deskjet Advantage

We laughed and drank, watched football and discussed conspiracy theories, spent time on the beach and ran in the heavy rain… all of those moments made it to the top of my travel memories.

My travel buddies – Todor from Kashkaval Tourist and Sany from Sun and Sany, really made the trip better.

#3. Тhe Secluded Beaches

For our July Morning trip we decided to spend most of the time on the beaches of Sinemorets and Silistar. The Veleka beach in Sinemorets is special because it is the place where the river Veleka reaches the Black Sea creating a long area of sand, surrounded by the river on the one side, and the sea on the other.

July morning in Bulgaria - HP Deskjet Advantage

Silistar, on the other hand, is the southernmost beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and one of my favourite ones. It is located in a protected area which means no concrete buildings and annoying background. The surrounding nature, soft sand, clear water and few bars on the beach make it a wonderful spot to spend a whole day with your friends there.

#4. The First Sun Lights of July Morning

The highlight of our trip, of course, was waking up for the sunrise on 1st of July. Despite the cloudy day before, the morning was clear and we were able to see a wonderful sunrise above the Black Sea.

July morning in Bulgaria - HP Deskjet Advantage

July Morning is really unique day in Bulgaria. If you happen to be in the country then, you may want to go to the beach and welcome the sunrise there. You’ll meat many more people like you. In some places there are even organized concerts and celebrations.

Ready to make some travel memories?

Many thanks to HP Bulgaria for helping me to reinvent my travel memories with the lovely all in one printer. If you’d like to see more, follow Travelling Buzz on Facebook too.

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