One Day in Prague in 15 Photos

 Once I read a beautiful story…

An old man was sitting in front of the gates of a town. A stranger approached him and asked:

– I’ve never been here. What are the people who live in this town?

– What were the people in the place where you come from? – said the old man.

– Selfish and vicious. That’s why I left. – said the stranger.

– You will find the same people here. – said the old man.

A bit later another stranger approached the old man and asked:

– I’m just arriving. Tell me, old man, what are the people here?

– Tell me, friend, what were the people in the place where you come from? – the old man asked.

– They were warm and friendly. I had many friends there. It was hard to leave them.

The old man said:

– You will find the same people here…



I was told I can’t enjoy Prague with all the crowds, that it was full of junkies and pickpockets that will make me feel uncomfortable, that Prague is overrated…

Call me naïve but I had the best time in Zlatá Praha.

I told you the story about the old man and the two strangers on purpose. With the right mindset you can make your stay as pleasant as you desire.

I didn’t mind the crowds. Yes, there were many people in Prague. But it is common sense. After all, you came in Prague to see it! Why would you complain of others who did the same. Just enjoy your time. 

And that is exactly what I did.

Yes, I had doubts in the beginning. When I was at home, checking the weather forecast for a few days later, I was almost depressed. My January Saturday in Prague was going to be ruined by the cold mist… 




When I wake up a few days later, I immediately regret my initial disappointment. I couldn’t ask for a better day in the Golden City! I bet Prague is gorgeous during the blazing summer, but I’m also sure that winter makes the city even more beautiful… 

My first impressions of Prague are for a city made for dreams and fairytales (okay, maybe I am naïve). Walking around the Old Town, on Charles Bridge and the paved streets leading to the Castle was a must so I wouldn’t miss that for anything in the world. After all, I have only one day in Prague and I had to make the most out of it…



The day was perfect for testing our photography skills… In the morning it was snowing as it was the end of the world but after a couple of hours it stopped and everything was so calm… 




You can find a few places in Prague with great aerial views of the whole city. The first one is in Prague Castle. You can buy tickets to the Great South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral. But be ready to climb more than 290 steps in order to enjoy the view from the top. It’s tiring but it’s worth the efforts! 




The second place we went for a gorgeous view was the Old Town Hall Tower in the center of Prague’s Old Town. It was just as mesmerizing as the first one. The bonus here was the view from the small windows on your way to the top of the tower…






one day in prague


I must say that Prague is not made for just one day of exploration and you should expect many people in the central parts. But with enough eagerness and the right mindset you can make the most out of your day and experience the essentials of the Golden City like I did…


one day in prague


I hope you are already convinced that Prague is gorgeous during the winter days. But I have one more secret to tell you: it is even more magical during the night… Let me show you!






We even had the chance to listen to the great voice of Jakub Ondra singing one of my favourite songs – “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz… 








Our trip to Prague was part of 3-day #EuropeDayTrip adventure with Daytrip – a company that provides transfers between European cities with local drivers and customized itinerary. You can basically travel from one city to another and visit places of your choice instead of taking a bus or a plane.

I really love the idea behind the platform. And even this was a press trip, all opinions are my own. I will even go beyond and say that if you choose them and have a bad time, blame me! 

Anyway… the point is I really enjoyed Prague for just one day and you can too. In the next few days I will share some tips on what to see for 24 hours in the Golden City, how was my day trip from Vienna to Prague and how did I stay connected during the whole trip.

If you want to read those stories, follow me on Facebook and Instagram and I promise I will make everything I can to share the best tips for visiting Prague with you. 

Have you been to Prague during winter? What was your experience?