The Best Places to Go on a Cruise

A cruise is a form of holiday that’s growing in popularity. It comes in many shapes and sizes, ranging from a trip around the mid-Atlantic on what amounts to a floating hotel, to an up-close look at the legendary temples and tombs that line the banks of the Nile.

This is a form of holiday that’s particularly popular among retirees, and it may be within reach of many of them. You might fund this venture with the help of your savings, by downsizing your property, or with the help of an equity release calculator, you may be able to release funds from your home to fund this luxury cruise! 

However you pay for it, it’s vital that you choose an experience that matches your tastes. But what are the options?

Australia and New Zealand

These two countries boast some of the most iconic and spectacular stretches of coastline to be found anywhere on Earth. With the help of the right cruise ship, you’ll journey to the best locations in a compact, condensed timeframe.

A tour around the Great Barrier Reef might allow you to explore the legendary coral, while the varied New Zealand Coastline is home to hundreds of tiny rocky islands, many of which have been relatively untouched by human settlers.


If you’re looking for a sea cruise in Europe, then you’ll be faced with a choice between the Baltic and the Mediterranean – or, failing that, you might keep things local with a tour of the North Sea.

The continent is also crisscrossed by a multitude of iconic rivers, and a cruise ship is often the best way to see them. Most of these rivers flow through some of the continent’s most fertile valleys, and as such they’re lined with vineyards and artisan food producers. If you’re looking for a gastronomic experience, in other words, they’re difficult to beat. 

The Bahamas

For retirees looking to soak up the sunshine in a paradisical archipelago, the Caribbean and the Bahamas is an obvious choice. It’s in this part of the world that you get those perfectly pure sandy beaches, and perfectly blue water.

The Bahamas is a destination favoured by many tourists, and so you might find it difficult to find somewhere that’s truly remote and untouched – but the place is so well looked after that you won’t know the difference. It ticks just about every box that matters, especially if it forms part of a wider tour of the region.

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