The magical Castle of Ravadinovo, Bulgaria (+Video)



The Castle of Ravadinovo is unique  but strange, romantic but frightful mension in southeasterm Bulgaria. It’s the newest attraction near Sozopol. Seen from the sky the castle is shaped as a cross. Every curious soul has to visit the castle which is not yet finished but enough to satisfy your curiosity.



There are many statues, huge wooden lanterns, stone birds and mermaids.


The entrance of The Castle of Ravadinovo is a copy of Hadrian arch in Istanbul. There are also many animals in this magical place – white and black swans, lamas, donkeys.


The Castle of Ravadinovo is located 2 km away from Sozopol. It is accessed only by car. The entrance fee is 10 BGN. 


Check out the video I made about The Castle of Ravadinovo or visit my YouTube channel!

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