Tips on how to overcome language barriers while traveling

In today’s world, for most people, traveling has become a lifestyle. Although we mostly rely on our knowledge of English as the main international language spoken all around the world, we can still very often find ourselves in a situation where English is not so popular, used, and spoken in certain countries. The other case scenario is when one needs to travel for any reason or just wishes to explore the world but doesn’t handle language well or doesn’t have enough confidence to communicate in a different language. That is when we encounter language barriers, which tend to be quite uncomfortable and demand exposure by leaving the comfort zone. But, thanks to the digital world and technology, those barriers have become much easier to overcome. Here are some tips and tools on how to overcome language barriers while traveling with ease:

1. Level up: Use an electronic language translator

Electronic translators are small, practical devices that translate words from one language to another. The more technology developed, they are getting very accurate and the biggest advantage is the speed and direct translation. An example of a new model of this handy device is Vasco Translator M3 – an electronic translator which allows you to talk to people around the world in more than 70 languages. It’s a speech translator with immediate voice translation and a very high translation accuracy. It also has a built-in, international data package into the device, that guarantees free, unlimited internet in over 150 countries. Unlike Google translator,  for which you need to buy internet data in each country separately, the biggest advantage of this translator is not having to worry about getting an international data SIM card for your phone to be able to translate, which means there are no additional costs and you never have to pay extra money to be able to use the translator in every country. Also, the translation accuracy of the Vasco Translator M3 appears to be much higher than with Google translate.

Some other features and advantages of the Vasco Translator M3:

  • Photo Translator 
  • It’s modernly designed, easy to use, and intuitive
  • It has a powerful battery that lasts up to 5 days
  • 96% translation accuracy with native pronunciation
  • Works on GMS in almost 200 countries without WiFi
  • Translations in 70+ languages
  • Doesn’t require a smartphone, it works on its own
  • MultiTalk application – translates group conversations with up to 100 people speaking in different languages.
  • The TranslaCall feature – translating phone calls
  • It’s saving and sharing translations
  • It has strong loudspeakers

Besides, the translator provides a learning application, helping to enrich the vocabulary and learn new words and phrases with the flashcard method. This tiny device will boost your confidence and help you communicate with the local people anytime and anywhere.

2. Keep your smartphone close 

Smartphones are definitely one of the best things that happened to us regarding technology and we should use the best of them. Starting from various applications that can help you easily pick up a new language, to Google Translator, online dictionaries, translating apps, and many other interactive features that are made to make our lives easier. Even the good, old, neglected phone calls allow you to ring someone at any given moment, to help you with communication or translations. All you need to do is keep this amazing device charged at all times and none of the language barriers will have no chance.

3. Memorize some of the important phrases

Learning a new language can be overwhelming, so don’t beat yourself up over it. Try to pick up some new, basic phrases, and don’t forget to keep it simple. There is no need to get the perfect pronunciation of words or to learn a perfect form of the word, but what matters is to learn the basic vocabulary and memorize words in the simplest form. The country’s residents are always happy to hear the tourists showing interest to speak the local language and they will never mind the mistakes. Contraordinary, most of the time they’d be happy to help and you will get the opportunity to make some new friendships and have an opportunity to see the place from a local perspective. Remember that every effort is worth the struggle. 

4. Combine a pocket dictionary with the body language 

Body language is a powerful means of communication and it’s mostly universal. Using your body to explain what you need can sometimes be quite successful. A great addition to body movements is definitely a pocket dictionary, which would help by giving some extra meaning to gesticulation. You should be careful and explore which body signs and gestures might be offensive in the visiting country since the cultural differences if traveling outside of Europe can be quite big.


In the end, there is no language barrier that could be greater than the experience of traveling. New technology and tools available, such as mentioned Vasco Translator device, which help you in the process of communicating in the new language with ease, is truly exceptional. 

Any method we decide to use can only teach us something new, get us closer to the new cultures and friendships, and what’s more important – it will help us build tolerance and understanding towards each other.  So, don’t forget to keep your minds (and mouth) open for new opportunities. 

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