Top 7 Sailing Destinations To Explore In Thailand With A Yacht

ThaiThailand, a country located in South-East Asia, is among the top tourist destinations in the continent — primarily thanks to its tropical beaches, ornate temples, ancient ruins, and opulent royal palaces. Additionally, it has some of the best sailing destinations that travellers and adventurers can explore to their heart’s content.

Before going on that sailing venture of a lifetime in Thailand, you will need a reliable yacht. There are top boat brokers in Thailand like Simpson Marine that can gladly help you with that.

Once that is dealt with, you can now think about the next important thing on your list — the sailing destinations. Here are some options:

1. Phuket

Phuket is considered Thailand’s central region for yachts to charter and explore, primarily thanks to the concentration of available boats and stunning sights to see. It is an island in Thailand that the Sarasin Bridge connects to the mainland.

Yachting in Phuket’s azure waters gives you a unique opportunity to experience the country’s many pleasures. It ranges from tours to Buddhist temples and historic sites, shopping in Phuket town, savouring the delights of the island’s glorious beaches, dancing in the chic nightclubs and enjoying the feeling and ambience of the relaxing waterfront bar.

Cruising along Phuket’s waters means indulging in a splendid mix of thrilling open-water passages in the Andaman Sea and island hopping in marine preserves. Simply put, Phuket is undoubtedly a boater’s dream paradise.

2. Phang Nga Bay

Nestled between the western coast of Thailand’s mainland and Phuket, this amazing bay contains perhaps the most scenic and famous group of islands in the Land of Smiles. To no one’s surprise, Phang Nga Bay is considered a fantastic sailing destination and a World Heritage Site — with many remarkable characteristics to discover and explore.

From a 200-metre cave tunnel to Kao Phing Khan to the island where James Bond filmed ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. Unfortunately, James Bond Island is rather overcrowded with tourists nowadays thanks to the fame that came with its name.

That might serve as a blessing in disguise, though. It means you can charter a boat and explore the bay. It will feel like escaping the suffocating crowd and embarking on an adventure on unchartered waters.

3. Krabi

Krabi is memorable for its unmatched beauty and scenery. Sailing southeast down the coast of the mainland from Phang Nga Bay, you will reach the town of Krabi.

It is a much more relaxed and laid-back tourist attraction. Exploring it, you will find endless sapphire blue waters and stunning mountain scenery.

The Krabi islands also offer pristine beaches, snorkelling spots, and countless opportunities to explore ashore or underwater. The stunning beaches of Hat Rai Lee and Ao Nang also have shops and restaurants where you can stop and restock food and provisions if needed.

4. Phi Phi Island

Cruising along the waters of Phi Phi Islands is an absolute must during any yacht charter in Thailand. Said to be one of the most enchanting islands in the world, Phi Phi Islands draws in boatloads of tourists and visitors every day, thanks to its idyllic charm and stunning views.

There are many islands to discover, each one being as breathtakingly unique and beautiful as the next. Phi Phi Islands is undoubtedly a perfect location for a yacht cruise. Its two biggest islands, Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don, alone have spectacular cliffs and dives for visitors craving a good snorkel or swim.

5. Koh Racha Yai

Yachting along the Koh Racha Yai is a delightful experience, allowing you to explore two intriguing and interesting islands about 12 miles south of Phuket and over 25 miles from the Phi Phi Islands.

The largest island, Racha Yai, is a premier cruising destination because of its snow-white sand at Ao Tawan Tok. Meanwhile, the smaller island, Koh Racha Noi, is a rocky and uninhabited area known to be an ideal fishing spot.

6. Koh Samui

Located on the coast of Southern Thailand, Koh Samui is considered the third largest island in the country. Being a top tourist destination, this island naturally fits right into the perfect yachting destination list. With its luxurious five-star resorts, white sand beaches, and plenty of boats up for charter — it is no surprise that it chalked up so much attention.

The island of Koh Samui provides multiple adventure and luxury opportunities. Aside from various memorable scenic views, the island also has numerous beaches and thrilling water sports activities you can explore and participate in. With so many things you can do here, a day of stay wouldn’t be enough to get the proper experience.

7. Surin and Similan

If you’re looking for world-class diving destinations and spots, look no further, as Thailand’s Surin and Similan are some of the best. Their clear, azure waters also make them prime territory for sailing.

This group of nine islands, only northwest of Phuket, boasts stunning coral reefs and an incredible amount of fish species below the water. It is a must for those who want to drop the anchor to dive and explore beneath the surface. There would be no other perfect locations for an exciting underwater exploration and adventure!


Thailand remains one of the best destinations if you want an unforgettable yacht charter. The opportunities are almost endless, with numerous islands to explore and scenery to sightsee.

With the right Thailand sailing destinations and itinerary, you can enjoy various delights in Thailand’s shimmering sapphire-coloured waters, picturesque beaches, chic resorts, and jaw-dropping sceneries. Moreover, you can also relax and enjoy some of the top diving and snorkelling spots in the world!

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