A Travel Guide to the Baltic Region: Top 5 Sights to See

Planning to travel to the Baltic region of Northern Europe? Visit between the beginning of April and the end of October to enjoy top temperatures and the Baltic Sea, which lies off the coast of the region’s three countries: Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. These fascinating destinations are rich in history and culture, boasting everything from medieval cities to national parks and castles.

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If you’re wondering which are the best places to visit in the Baltic States, then look no further. Below are the top five sights to see while you’re visiting this region.

Kuressaare Castle

Beautiful Kuressaare Castle in Estonia was built on Saaremaa Island sometime during the 14th century. In the southern area of the town, you’ll find coastal beaches and sea views which are simply breathtaking.

As for the building itself, it remains the only stone castle from the medieval era that is still completely intact and is a top tourist attraction in Estonia. You can buy tickets to Kuressaare Castle from Saaremaa Museum.

Colorful sunrise over Kuressaare castle, summer time. Saaremaa island, Estonia

City of Tallinn

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and lies right on the Baltic Sea. The city has a fascinating history which dates back 5,000 years and features an array of historic attractions, including medieval merchant houses, streets, and ancient churches.

Although development in the city has increased dramatically over the last 20 years, it still has many of its “Old Town” qualities and sites. There are plenty of high-class hotels and restaurants for tourists to enjoy as well.

View of sea port harbor and old town in Tallinn City

Žemaitija National Park

Žemaitija National Park is located in Lithuania. It lies within the Samogitian Highlands, just 45 kilometers away from the Baltic Sea. The park boasts 200 square kilometers of beautiful landscape, including forests and lakes.

The locals say this park is filled with buried treasure as well as ghosts and demons. Since you can bike, swim, and take a boat ride ride in the park, maybe you’ll come across one of those three. Who knows!

Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park lies in Latvia. The park is best known for its historic structures and its many acres of virgin pine trees. Within the park you’ll find the town of Cesis and Turaida Castle, which was built in the 13th century and has a tall tower overlooking the area.

As for the pine-filled hinterland, you can go camping, hiking, canoeing, or biking around the park. If you’re into outdoor activities, be sure to stop at Gauja during your travels in the Baltic region.

Sandstone cliffs in Gauja National Park

Curonian Spit National Park

Curonian Spit National Park is one of Lithuania’s top attractions. The park is a protected area due to the rare ecosystems of the Curonian Lagoona and Curonian Spit.

As a tourist attraction, you’ll find lots of pine forests and wildlife throughout roughly 70 percent of the park’s explorable landscape. The rest contains sand dunes and small villages, so there’s certainly something for everyone at Curonian Spit National Park. 

Curonian Spit National Park in Lithuania on a partly cloudy day

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