Why visit Valencia – Spain’s hidden jewel

Spain prides itself with a number of famous destinations, but unfortunately – you’ll almost never find Valencia in the very top. Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Malaga, Granada and Benidorm generally push Valencia down in the list.

It’s a bit unknown, but not less interesting.

In fact, some call Valencia “Spain’s hidden jewel”. It’s a fantastic beautiful big city, friendly and very clean, with one of the largest sandy beach areas in Spain.

But why should you visit Valencia? Here are several  key reasons:

1. Valencia has a beautiful Old Town

Valencia’s Old Town has an intricate network of old streets, it has several interesting churches and beautiful old architecture – representatives of which, you have to find for yourself, digging deep, wandering the streets.

valencia town hall

Town Hall, Valencia

The Cathedral is the main attraction there, while the Miquelet (Cathedral tower) offers fantastic views of the city’s skyline and, you get to see the Old Town from above (but from too high), for a mere 2 euros.

2. There’s plenty of Art Nouveau and Beaux Arts and more

Fans of architecture love Barcelona. And if those who appreciate Barcelona cannot “not like” Valencia. There are rows of Art Nouveau buildings on some of Valencia’s old streets. The city centre will leave an architecture bug with the jaw open.

Beaux Arts is a very well-represented architectural style in central Valencia, while many of the older buildings are true gems of Iberian architecture.

3. Valencia has beautiful street art

Alleys, run-down neighbourhoods, but not only… even the centrally-located, frequently-visited Old Town boasts with fine examples of street art.

valencia  street art

Valencia Street Art

As depicted on these photos by Escape Hunter, Valencia has a beautiful collection of street graffitis, some of which have been carefully-created by skillful local artists. Yet another reason for visiting Valencia…

4. Run for the beach!

The beach area is long and wide. About 3.5 km (over 2.1 mi) in length and a maximum width of 170 m. Pure clean sand that won’t hurt your feet…

This beach is bigger than the one in Alicante, although it’s not as beautiful as the latter, it is quieter and the sand and the water are just as good here. The sound of the waves has a therapeutic effect as well, so consider taking a beach walk when in Valencia. It will refresh you.

5. See the “City of Arts and Sciences”

Some might say it’s utopian, but Santiago Calatrava’s creation sure is an impressive attraction. Located in the green park-like area (where once the River Turia had flown), the “City of Arts and Sciences” is composed of several monumental buildings, which may feel somewhat alien to the visitor.

Valencia - city of arts

City of Arts and Science, Valencia

What is inside these buildings? Museums, auditoriums, even aquariums where you can admire exotic sea- and ocean life. Definitely a wonderful place to visit for young people and for families with children.

About these attractions and many more, you can read on EscapeHunter.com – Valencia is a jaw-opening, mind-blowing beautiful city and careful planning is advised before traveling there in order not to miss out on the best experiences.

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