10+ Local Restaurants & Stores In Sofia That Deliver Food Right Now – #SupportLocal

Without a doubt, the tourism and food industries are struggling all over the world right now. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, in March, the Bulgarian government ordered the closure of all restaurants until further notice – they can only make food deliveries now. A state of emergency was declared on Friday, March 13 for a month. Then extended for one more month – until May 13.

Many local businesses are struggling to pay rent, salaries, taxes. And we can all agree that the best way to help and offer solidarity in times of crisis, are to support them in any way we can.

#SupportLocal is a movement that encourages people to shop locally when possible and thus – support those in need since no one knows when they will be allowed to open again, in what terms, will there be people coming in. 

Here’s my selection of some of my favourite English-friendly local restaurants and online stores that make deliveries of food and groceries in times of the current state of emergency in Bulgaria.

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Update: The information in this article is updated as of 12 April 2020.

Local Restaurants That Deliver Food

The Little Things Sofia

Delicious food at The Little Things in Sofia | Photo Credit

Made in Blue

✅ Order by phone or a message on Facebook | 0898579999 | 6 Yuri Venelin str. 

Made In Blue just started doing food deliveries recently. They accept orders for the whole city. Minimum amount of the order is 29 BGN. 

The delivery in the area of the restaurant is free of charge. For further areas, the delivery is charged 3.90 BGN. For orders over 49 BGN delivery is always free. When you order on the spot from the restaurant you get 5% discount. If you order the day before and take your meal from the restaurant – you get 10% discount. 

You can find Made in Blue’s daily menus on their Facebook page – in English too. Here’s their post on Facebook with all the delivery details. 

Crazy Diamond

✅ Order by phone, on Instagram or a message on Facebook | 0888030843 | 9A Oborishte street

Crazy Diamond delivers food in the whole city every day between 12:00 and 21:00. Here’s their Facebook post with more delivery details (translation should be available). 

Within walking distance the delivery is free of charge and for the rest of the city the price is 3 BGN. You can also take the order from the restaurant and get 10% discount. The daily menus are posted on their Facebook page

Fabrika Daga

✅ Pick up or order by phone 02 444 0556 or 0885 100 174 | Facebook page | 10 Veslets str. and 13B Sheinovo str. 

There’s no other place as our favourite Fabrika Daga (Rainbow Factory). Free delivery and delicious brunch and lunch options, even coffee – that’s how your day will get better. Check out their English menu on Facebook and try to order an hour and a half in advance or even a day before. If you order the same day, the delivery may take between 40 min. and 2 hours. However, mine took only 20 min last Saturday. 

Every day they offer breakfast / brunch and everything you see on the Main Menu plus coffee, drinks, breakfast, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. On weekends, they offer the Weekend Brunch Menu + everything from the Main menu. You can order by phone or pick it up from one of their two locations in Sofia – Fabrika Daga (10 Veslets str.) or Fabrika Daga 2 (13B Sheinovo str.).

Skapto Burgers

✅ Order by phone or visit skapto.bg | 0877 888 688 | Facebook page| 11A Iskar str. 

Skapto Burgers currently make deliveries of their mouth-watering special burgers within Sofia every day from 11:30 till 21:30. Follow their Facebook page to get updates or visit skapto.bg for orders and more information. English version of the website is available. Here’s the Facebook post with more information about their deliveries. 

Gift Cards: You can also order limited vouchers and discount bonds (Skapto Gift Cards) for future use – so you can support their business now and eat later. The best is that you pay less than you will consume – for example, you can order a gift card for 79 BGN and consume Skapto food for 100 BGN. Head to love.skapto.bg (currently only in Bulgarian, but hopefully Google can help). 

Takoteka – Gotta love tacos

✅Order by phone | 0888222323 | Facebook page | 22 Tsar Ivan Shishman str. 

Are you a taco fan? It doesn’t have to be Tuesday to celebrate taco day – order variety of tacos from Takoteka every day from 12:00 to 21:00 within Sofia. You can even order a Margarita cocktail, how cool is that! If you are in a cooking mood, you can also order their special Taco Survival Kit. Follow their Facebook page for current offers and discounts. 

The Little Things

✅ Pick up or delivery by phone or Facebook |088 2490030 | 37 Tsar Ivan Shishman str. | English Menu – The Little Things

The Little Things is delivering their delicious meals every day from 12:00 till 21:00. You can pick it up from the restaurant or order for your home or office.  Check out their main menu in English – and follow their Facebook page for additional daily meals (in Bulgarian but you can message them and ask for translation). Plenty of vegetarian options. Here’s the Facebook post where they announced their deliveries. For further deliveries, minimum order is 29 BGN. The price of the delivery depends on the area in the city you’re in (around 5 BGN).

Sun and Moon (Small 5 Corners)

✅ Pick up or delivery by phone | 0899 138 411 | Facebook page | 39, 6-ti septemvri str.

I love eating at Sun and Moon every chance I can. Fortunately, they also make deliveries in Sofia right now. Sun and Moon offers variety of meals (and vegetarian options) and home baked bread and cakes. They publish the daily menu in English on their Facebook page. Minimum order is 30 BGN, delivery is free. You can order by phone until 1pm. 

Sun and Moon has two locations. Currently, only the one at the Small 5 Corners is delivering food. Here’s the post on Facebook with the delivery details.

Soul Kitchen

✅ Pick up or delivery by phone | 0876 440 003  | Facebook page | Website

Soul Kitchen is a dream come true, a different and fresh place in Sofia. Created with love for food, an attention to detail and an uncompromising selection of all raw materials. Soul Kitchen has English-speaking staff and variety of fresh and delicious meals. Their daily menus are published on their website (in English as well). The delivery price is between 3 and 6 BGN. You can follow their daily menu updates on their Facebook page.

Take a Cake 

✅ Order online at www.take-a-cake.eu | Facebook page | 1 Tulovo str. 

Do you have a sweet tooth? Here’s one for you. Take a cake makes deliveries of their sweet sweet muffins and cupcakes in Sofia every day from 08:00 till 20:00 with minimum order quantity of 6 standard-sized or 24 mini cupcakes or muffins. Place your order by 4:00 PM to pick it up or have it delivered the same day. You can pay online and their website is in English. 

Local Stores For Food & Groceries

Online Groceries Sofia

Cook It – Recipe Box

✅ Order online at www.cookit.bg/en | Facebook Page

Cook It is simply amazing – you choose a recipe and receive a box with all the ingredients and then you enjoy the cooking process. Your box consists only of the needed amount and carefully packaged products for two or more portions. The delivery is free, their website is fully available in English. 

Domashnitsa – Organic Food Delivery

✅ Order by phone, online at www.domashnica.com  or on their Facebook page | +359882011838

Domashnitsa is an organic store that offers variety of fruits and vegetables, meat, bread and cakes, dairy products, and all sorts of groceries from local farms and producers. The Google Translate tool on their website does a great work, website is easy to use. The delivery price is between 5 and 8 BGN. Minimum order amount is 20 BGN. 

Check out the map with the mentioned restaurants in Sofia that deliver food right now: 

Do you know any other local restaurants and shops in Sofia that deliver food right now and provide information in English? Get in touch so we can add them to the list –  message us on Facebook or at travellingbuzzblog@gmail.comMeanwhile, #StayHome and #SupportLocal.

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