10 Times London Got Under My Skin

10 times london got under my skin


London is one of the most interesting, vibrant and alive cities I’ve ever been to. I visited England’s capital last October for my birthday. There were few things that really surprised me but in general London was very welcoming and “easy going”. 

We even didn’t got the bad weather until our last day. It rained for 10 minutes really bad and then the sun came up again. Anyways, here are 10 times London really got under my skin. 

#1. That time in London… 

…when the first thing I saw was the St. Pancras train station and immediately fell in love with the building. Couldn’t not take a picture of it. Also, just a few meters away, inside the King’s Cross station, is the platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter movies where you can take a free photo of you “going to Hogwarts”.


#2. That time in London…

…when a friend of mine took me to Camden Market and I didn’t even know of its existence. Such an interesting place with tons of photo and shopping opportunities. Also, there is a life-size statue of Amy Winehouse, a memorial to the talented singer.


#3. That time in London…

…when I first saw the emblematic red buses. Did you know that the lowest number not used by a London bus is 218? 218!? Crazy!  

Did you know that the lowest number not used by a London bus is 218?! How crazy is that… #Londonbuzz A photo posted by Maria, Travelling Buzz ✈️ (@travelling.buzz) on


#4. That time in London…

…when the poppies installation was at the Tower of London, one poppy for every Commonwealth soldier killed in World War 1. The poppies were all hand made and, hence, unique! Beautiful, huh?

London Travelling Buzz


#5. That time in London…

….when we met other Bulgarians exactly when we were looking for people to take a picture of us. Coincidence? I don’t think so. (Okay, I think so)

London Bulgarians


#6. That time in London…

…when I got a postcard picture I always dreamed of getting. It was exactly on my birthday. In times like these you realize everything is possible if you believe hard enough and work towards your dreams.


#7. That time in London…

….when I got to see the city from Greenwich Park and got to be on the Prime Meridian. The view was really impressive.  

The view from Greenwich park to London was spectacular. And you get to step on the Prime Meridian. Cool. A photo posted by Maria, Travelling Buzz ✈️ (@travelling.buzz) on


#8. That time in London…

…when I was a queen, because why not.

London Travelling Buzz1


#9. That time in London…

…when the building of the Natural History Museum was as interesting as its collections. Spectacular! Have you been there?


#10. That time in London…

…when I was on the front seat of a red bus and got to see the famous Gherkin. Thank you, public transportation system, for the nice city tour!

London Gherkin


What’s your most precious London memory?

Was it riding a red bus, or seeing the Queen? Comment below.


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  • I can’t count the number of times I’ve been to London but I’m going again at the end of the month and your post had got me excited all over again 😀

  • Some of these “moments” are really a deja vu for me. Such an amazing city <3

  • It’s such a cliché but I believe one of my most memorable moments – and there are a lot – was when I attended the Queen’s Birthday Parade held each year in June, stood first row and saw her (as well as other Royals) only 5 meters away. That was quite something. 😉 Happy Sunday!

  • You are right and i appreciate of your article here. Amazing word to persuade of traveler to be back to London. Love city and calm to stay more than 10 times

  • This is my first visit here and to be honest – I am fascinated that fellow Bulgarians manage to keep such a marvelous place alive as I know how difficult it is to be living off a Bulgarian sallary and managing to travel enough to maintain a travel blog. I am really happy I found you!

    As for the post – you have described exactly the places that fascinated me on my trip to that magical city. Can’t wait to visit again…

  • Super informative and well put together! Going to London tomorrow and will definitely check out some museums!