Bulgarian Travel Bloggers and Websites to Follow

If you are planning a trip to Bulgaria (and this is why you should) the best information you can find on the Internet is written on a blog post. To make your planning process easier, here’s a list of my favourite Bulgarian travel bloggers and websites where you can find the information and inspiration you need.

Bulgarian travel blogs in English

Adventure Flair – Adriana is an energetic native Bulgarian who shares travel tips and ideas not only about Bulgaria but about many other world destinations.

Betty Travels (EN+BG) – Betty is the first travel vlogger in Bulgaria who is going to take you on an epic adventures with her videos.

Eat Stay Love Bulgaria (EN+BG) – you can find where to eat, hotels to stay to and many reasons to visit Bulgaria.

EO Stories – creative collection of travel stories from Bulgaria and all over the world of two best friends and fashion design students. 

Gone with the backpack – a Bulgarian girl living abroad and travelling solo all around the world. She shares many practical tips, stories and photos from every destination she visits. She travels cheap, light and slow.

One Day in Sofia – Milena is a photographer who loves travelling and shares her inspiring travel photos of Bulgaria on her website and personal blog.

Rebecca About Town – Rebecca is an expat living in Bulgaria. She’s a travel enthusiast who is going to show you many practical tips about Bulgaria and other destinations in the world.

Rossi Writes – Rossi is a Bulgarian living in Italy via England who shares amazing stories from her travels mostly in Italy but also from many other places.

Storytelling Travellers – Bulgarian couple travelling to many exotic places, sharing adventures, discoveries and tips on every destination they visit. 

Travelling Buzz – travel blog about adventure and part time travel in Bulgaria and Europe with many tips, ideas and travel stories. 

When Woman Travels – Geri is also a native Bulgarian who shares her ideas and tips where, how, when and especially WHY to visit a place.

Xperience Bulgaria – a travel “guide” by Stefan, a native Bulgarian, on beautiful places, traditions and history of Bulgaria. 

Bulgarian travel blogs in Bulgarian

100 обекта – Bulgarian travel website showing the 100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria and many more.

99 lives (BG+EN) – travel blog about Sofia, Bulgaria and the rest of the world through the eyes of 2 Bulgarians and 1 Mongolian and their amazing photography.

На разходка – website that holds an amazing collection of travel information, travelogues, short stories and photos of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria and abroad.

Dumi v drumi – Eli is an expert for off-the-beaten-path destinations in Bulgaria. 

Life Tasting – two Bulgarian girls try to inspire and share their stories about good wine, travelling, photography and all the beautiful things in life.

Sunshine.bg – The first Bulgarian travel blogger and winner of “The best blog in Bulgaria” for 2014. She’s worth following! 

Time 2 Travel – Julia is enthusiastic Bulgarian traveller, blogger and archaeologist who is showing her favourite destinations in the country for you. 

TimeLapse Bulgaria – creative, beautiful and inspiring time-lapse videos of destinations in Bulgaria.

Do you know any other Bulgarian travel blog or website worth following? Tell me in the comments.

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  • Hi, Maria, thank you for the mention and for the nice presentation. I’m happy my blog to be in that great list.

  • Thank you so much for including me in this fab list and for the lovely write-up about my blog.
    Best wishes from (currently) Italy!

    Rossi 🙂

  • Great list! Some of the blogs you mentioned are among my favorite ones. 🙂
    P.S. http://nomadicpandas.blogspot.is/

  • You should check http://pateshestvenik.com/ as well. Great first person stories and interviews.

  • My father has an intriguing travel blog: https://kamensrtravel.wordpress.com/. It’s interesting that it comes from an older person (my father is above 70 but he still loves traveling) and has more of a cultural, contemplative angle to it.