12 wonderful destinations with best low-cost flights from Sofia

Did you know you can fly from Sofia to Berlin for just 5,99 Euro one-way? Yes, it is possible and I’ve done that last May. Moreover, that’s not the only surprisingly cheap flight deal you can get from the Bulgarian capital. 

With Wizzair and Ryanair on the map, Sofia is closer to Europe than never before. If you are staying in the city for a longer period, except day trips in the country, you may consider a weekend trip to some other exciting European destination.

Finding cheap flights from Sofia

My number one source of finding cheap flights is definitely Skyscanner. Not only it shows me the cheapest option to flying to a certain destination, but it also has an option to search the cheapest flight without setting a final destination.

After you find the dates when the flights are the cheapest, you can go directly to the provider’s website and check the prices there.
  • Wizzair fleis to 35 destinations from Sofia.
  • Ryanair flies to 22 destinations from Sofia (some of them starting in April 2018).

Tip: For even better prices, I am part of the Wizzair Discount Club which gives you minimum €10 discount for all fares from €19.99 among other perks. All that for a fee of just €29.99 per year.

The 12 cheapest European weekend trips from Sofia

A weekend trip from Sofia now means not only going to the sea side or the mountains. Wizzair and Ryainair made it pretty simple and affordable – and sometimes even cheaper than staying in the country,  to travel to many European cities you’ve only dreamed about.

1. Rome

3 days in rome itinerary - colosseum

Who doesn’t want to visit Rome –  city with centuries old history, eternal fame and romantic atmosphere. Earlier this year I flew to Rome for 30€ return ticket with Ryanair. A weekend trip to Rome is a way better and more romantic gift idea than a bouquet for the holidays.

When you’re in Rome, don’t forget to visit the Vatican and see the Pope during one of his regular blessings on St. Peter Square.

2. Milan

Milan – another Italian gem that is worth considering for a weekend trip from Sofia since Wizzair introduced their regular flights from the Bergamo airport awhile ago. Now, you can get a return ticket for as much as 20€ in January 2018.

3. Budapest

budapest hungary trip from sofia

Getting to Budapest for a weekend trip from Sofia will take you only 3 hours of your time and 20€ out of your pocket. The Hungarian capital has often been named as one of the most beautiful European capitals.

So spending a weekend there with your friend, family or significant other, won’t be waste of time (or money in that matter). Again, you can find deals for as much as 20€ from Sofia to Budapest in January 2018.

4. Berlin

berlin germany

When the flight ticket costs less than the taxi to the airport, it’s a sign you should buy it. Berlin was one of those cities – in May I flew from Sofia to the German capital for only 5,99€ for one-way ticket.

Moreover, Sofia is very well connected to many other German airports including Cologne, Hamburg, Karlsruge/Baden-Baden, Memmingen (Ryanair), Dortmunt, Frankfurt, Nuremberg (Wizzair).

5. Paris

paris france from sofia

I remember seeing the Eiffel Tower on postcards as a little girl and wondering if I would ever be able to see it in person. Now, for only 40€ everyone can make that dream come true and spend a wonderful weekend eating croissants and macarons in the French capital.

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6. Brussels

brussels belgium from sofia

Lately, Brussels has been on the top of the list for cheapest flights from Sofia. A quick search on Skyscanner shows me that a flight Sofia-Brusslels on 22 November 2017 costs only 8€, and Burssels-Sofia on 26th is only 16€. It’s less than a lunch in the finest Sofia restaurant 😮 Okay, not exactly but you get the point. 😉

7. London

Tower of London

This cosmopolitan capital is reachable from all 4 airports in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Bourgas. So it is more than possible to find flights for as much as €10 one way. Keep in mind that London is an expensive city itself, so finding some free things to do there is always a good idea.

8. Bari

Italy and Germany lead the list with the most cities with cheap travel fares from Sofia. Bari – another Italian treasure, can be your next weekend getaway for just €28 return ticket, for example on 26-29 January 2018.

9. Barcelona

barcelona from sofia

Some of my best travel memories include Barcelona in it – a great biking experience and skydiving not far from the city. Barcelona is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe – full of events, modern bars, remarkable architecture (thanks, Gaudi) and  creative atmosphere. For January 2018 you can find flights from Sofia to Barcelona for around €40.

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10 Athens

athens greece from sofia

Do you love cats? Then Athens is for you. Okay… that may not be the only reason to visit the Greek capital but it’s a pretty good incentive, right? (No, it’s not, keep the cats for yourself). Athens will also attract you with its charming atmosphere, ancient history and delicious food. Don’t forget to visit Anafiotika – the hidden village under the Acropolis.

A quick check on Skyscanner shows that you can admire the glory of Athens for only around €20 return flight from Sofia.


11. Dubai

No, I know it’s not in Europe. I’ve been listening in my Geography classes. BUT it’s worth mentioning since so many people ask about an easy route to Asia. Well, Wizzair offers very good deals from Sofia to Dubai. It can be either your final destination for the weekend or a transit point to get a connecting flight to some other destination in Middle East or Asia.

12. Tel Aviv

tel aviv israel sofia

Another very cheap destination to fly to in terms of flight ticket prices is Tel Aviv – the Israel’s gem on the Mediterranean coastline. You can fly from Sofia to Tel Aviv with Wizzair for around €60 return ticket. But keep in mind that Israel is not a cheap destination itself.


And that’s not all…

Sofia is not the only city in Bulgaria that has pretty good connections with Europe. Ryanair & WIzzair also operate in Varna, Bourgas and Plovdiv (only Ryanair) airports as follows:

  • from Plovdiv to: Brussels Charleroi, Frankfurt Hahn, Milan Bergamo, London Stansted (Ryainair);
  • from Varna to: Sofia, Larnaca, Dortmund, Memmingen/Munich West, Tel Aviv, Milan Bergamo, Eindhoven, London Luton (Wizzair); Brussels Charleroi (Ryanair);
  • from Bourgas to: Budapest, Katowice, Warsaw Chopin, London Luton (Wizzair); Dusseldorf Weeze, Frankfurt Hahn, Memmingen, Tel Aviv, Milan Bergamo, Riga, Krakow, Rzeszow, Warsaw Modlin, Bratislava (Ryanair).

*Some of the flights will be operated starting April 2018. 

Travel tips to consider: 

  • Check in advance how far is the airport from the city itself and how much does the transfer costs. Many times, the shuttle from the airport to your hotel may be twice the price of the flight itself. Fortunately, from Sofia airport you can reach the city center for only 1,60 BGN with the metro (€0,80).


  • For better results, you can use Skyscanner‘s “Cheapest Month” option in combination with “Fly to everywhere” search function. This will show you what the cheapest flights possible to any destination available.


  • In many cases, searching flights for each direction separately will lead to better results. For instance, flying with Ryanair in the one direction and then coming back with Wizzair can save you a lot of money from a single return flight ticket. In those cases, keep in mind the baggage restrictions that are different for every airline.

Finding accommodation in Europe

I’m a big fan of Airbnb and use the platform whenever I travel. If you are not yet signed up with Airbnb, you can get $30 discount for your first booking via this referral link.

After you sign up, you can also refer friends and earn travel credits that you can later use for your accommodation through Airbnb in any of the European weekend trips from Sofia you planned ahead.

Search the cheapest flights with Skyscanner:


And remember, those flights are not only one way around. If you’re based in any of those European cities, it’s about time to come for a weekend trip in Sofia.

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*This article is not sponsored by any airline (unfortunately :D) but there are some affiliate links inside. This means that if someone makes a booking through those links, I earn a small commission that helps me run this blog. 

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What was the cheapest flight you ever got?

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