One Day in Prague: 13 must-see places and quirky statues

Prague is a city everyone should visit at least once. If you have only 1 day in Prague, don’t worry. There is still a way to explore the most iconic and popular places in the Czech Republic’s capital. Here’s our practical 1-day Prague itinerary you can follow or get ideas from:

Morning: Must-see Sites

1. Starting point: Charles Birdge

This is probably the most popular place in Prague and you can’t skip it. Unfortunately, it is almost always full of other travellers who want to see the glory of this historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river. The best thing you can do is to go in early morning before 08:00 in order to enjoy a peaceful walk on Charle’s Bridge. 




2. Mostecka street

Head to the famous Mostecka street full with souvenir shops, restaurants and bistros and all kind of other touristic boots. This street has a beautiful view of the iconic Prague architecture and is worth your while. Also, it is one of the ways to get to the Prague’s Castle. 




3. Prague Castle

You can walk around Prague Castle as much as you want but my suggestion is to head straight to the Great South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral. This place offers a stunning panoramic view to Prague for only 150 CZK (5.55 Euro). 




4. Manesuv most

When you exit the Prague Castle head back to Vltava river but this time through Manesuv most. You will get a great view to the more famous Charle’s Birdge but it’s also a way to get to the less touristy part where you can have a nice Czech lunch before exploring the rest of the city. 


Sedm konšelů – a great value for money restaurant in the Old Town but still away from the crowds. It’s hidden in a small street but it’s worth to go there and have some traditional Czech meals. Nothing fancy, but a good place for a lunch. We had the traditional Beef goulash with dumplings, a Risotto with mushrooms and a Honey cake for dessert. Address: Žatecká 10, Praha 1 (website:


where to eat in prague


Afternoon Walk

5. Old Town Square

Again, another iconic place in Prague you can visit. You will probably be surrounded by hundreds of other tourists but just enjoy your time there. If you’re lucky you will stumble upon a street artist or musician that will make your day more awesome. 




6. Old Town Hall Tower

Don’t miss the chance to climb the Old Town Hall Tower in Prague for another gorgeous panoramic view to the city just above the famous Astronomical Clock. The entrance fee is 130 CZK (4.81 Euro) and the opening hours are: Mo 11.00  – 22.00, Tu – Su 9.00 – 22.00.

More info:




7. Wandering around the Old Town

The next thing you can do is to walk around the Old Town and just enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Its narrow cobbled streets with iconic architecture and traditional shops and crafts will impress you. Make sure to take lots of photos… 


EVENING: Weird Monuments Hunt

Before I went to Prague I knew that the city is full of weird and controversial monuments from the famous Czech architect David Cerny. That’s why I put those sculptures on my itinerary and I’m definitely not disappointed with that decision. Here are some suggestions of weird monuments in Prague you can also check out: 

prague statues

  • The Broken Men (Ujezd and Vitezna street, Petrin Hill) – a Memorial to the Victims of Communism that symbolises how political prisoners were affected by Communism. The bronze strip between them shows the estimated numbers of those impacted by the regime. 
  • Creepy Crawling Babies (Kampa Park) – 3 giant babies without faces will creep you out in Kampa park. They’re supposed to represent the communist era, unable to reach adulthood. What a creative genius Cerny is… 
  • Pissing Men (Cihelná 2b) – an unexpected (and again controversial) fountain of two pissing over the Czech Republic men. Locals told me that in the past people were able to send SMS with a word and the men would write the message into the water. Crazy, huh?
  • The Hanging Man (Husova street, near the top on Betlemske namesti’s side) – Cerny tried to recreate Sigmund Freud and his constant battle and fear of death. If you don’t specifically look for the statue, you won’t see it. 
  • The Giant Metal Head (Spalena 2121/22, Quadrio Shopping Center) – called ‘Metalmorphosis’ this is a constantly rotating metal head. Some say it’s a Cerny’s self-portrait, other sources say it’s Franz Kafka – another Chezh artist. If you are more informed, let me know what’s the meaning of this statue.
  • Upside Down Horse (Lucerna Palace) – a statue of former king and then saint Wenceslas riding a dead horse and possibly a mocking nod to the current Czech president. 

Other weird monuments you can see in Prague: the Embryo, Futura Gallery (Smíchov district), Franz Kafka Statue (next to the Spanish Synagogue); UnUtero. 


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Are you ready to go to Prague now?

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  • I visited Prague for the first time in november this year, it was lovely. the view from prague castle is absolutely stunning! I already wondered what was up with all the statues, thanks for clarifying haha.

  • Prague is on my bucket list. Thanks for the guide though.

  • i went to prague in january of 2017, and wow it was freezing when we chose to visit. it was a cute city though and the christmas markets were open which really added such a charm to the city. i would love to go back in the summer though!