How to Spend The Best Weekend In Ibiza

In the past 10 years, Ibiza has become known as one of the world’s premier party destinations. It’s certainly true that this is a hot spot for European tourists who want to go clubbing, and Ibiza can be something of a celebrity hangout as well.

But the truth of the matter is that this Spanish island in the Mediterranean has more to offer than all-night raves. It made our list of perfect weekend getaways in Europe, and we still believe there’s plenty to love about it no matter who you are or what kind of trip you’re looking for.

Where To Party

The focus of this piece is on a broader look at Ibiza as an appealing tourist destination. But because its reputation revolves almost solely around parties, we may as well get this bit out of the way! It’s fair to say that you might want to wait until you go to decide where you’re going to party.

You never know what sort of events will be going on, so the “hot spots” can change. Billboard saved us the trouble of writing up the best clubs on the island last year, however, with a fairly comprehensive selection.

Amnesia is one club listed that’s one of the more famous in the area, and which hosts enthusiastic revelers until sunrise.


Eden is another venue that has a strong reputation and reopened just last year after renovations. You may want to pick a place that sounds particularly interesting and have it in the back of your mind – but again, keep yourself open to some improvisation here

Where To Stay

Some of the same venues known for partying actually double as resorts, though they can be a little bit busy, and there are other excellent options.

Hard Rock Hotel may be the most recognizable name given that it’s part of a worldwide chain of excellent venues. The Hard Rock in Tenerife is a gorgeous getaway, and the one in the Dominican Republic has been specifically noted as a picture-perfect destination for wedding outings.

Hard Rock at Ibiza is right on par with these excellent resorts, a combination of luxury and entertainment that gives you a nice base from which to explore the island. Other names to keep in mind are La Torre del Canoningo, a more independent hotel in Ibiza Town, and El Hotel Pacha, a popular, modern hotel that attracts a lot of visitors.


Where To Eat

With so much focus on clubs, guides to Ibiza tend to skip over one of the most commonly discussed aspects of travel just about everywhere else: the culinary experience! This is particularly odd given that both Spain and the Mediterranean in general are renowned for seafood and delicious preparations.

As it turns out there are plenty of awesome restaurants to put on your list if and when you make it to this island. Bambuddha is a Bali-inspired Asian restaurant where you can enjoy fusion food and dine in a bamboo-covered dining room.

La Bodega is the resident go-to tapas spot, exhibiting the best in Spanish dining. Mar A Vila, also a tapas place, may be the island’s most famous restaurant, and ropes in flavors from all over the world. And these are just three of many delicious and accessible dining options.

What To Do

If you’re not spending all your time clubbing, there is plenty to do that makes Ibiza well worth visiting even if you never set foot on a dance floor.

Dalt Vila may be the most famous “tourist attraction,” a world heritage site that is essentially a preserved old fort in Old Town.

Dalt Vila ibiza

You’ll also enjoy touring the ancient cathedral nearby, and generally walking the streets of the Old Town (which, as is the case on so many islands around the world, is a real treat).

You can also soak up a lot of excellent beach time at places like Playa d’en Bossa and in particular Talamanca and Santa Eulalia, both of which are gorgeous and far calmer than the island’s reputation suggests its beaches would be.

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