16 Things You Don’t Know About Bloggers

16 Things You Don't Know About Bloggers

This is a guest post by Mani who originally published the post “16 things you don’t know about bloggers” on Stari Gradski blog in Bulgarian. After reading it, I couldn’t connect more with all the things pointed out in this funny, yet insightful post. That’s why I’m happy to share with you Mani’s thoughts and give you an idea of what we, bloggers, do on a regular basis. So here’s what you don’t know about bloggers:

1. When you’re a blogger everything around you transforms into a potential blog post

There are always different titles floating around your head, inspired by everyday situations, no matter if you’re making a smoothie, or taking out the trash, or somebody makes you angry or happy, or you’re just watching TV. The world is big and inspiration lurks from all sides (thank god!).

2. Often you find yourself in “professional” photo situations

Like when you’ve gum up a bottle of lotion to the table just to keep it stable to take the perfect shot. Or when your whole room is a complete mess but you’ve managed to clear 50 centimetres of your desk to make perfectly arranged, minimalistic photos. Or when you try to shoot an outfit post and you’ve mounted the camera on a pile of books and an old crate just because you don’t know where your tripod is.

3. Being a blogger is often lonely

Even though we look like we’re always on the run, the reality is quite different. Almost all of us are introverts and we love the peace and quiet. The ideas are often born when we are alone, but we love it!

4. The feeling when your blog actually starts to influence people in some way is… quite disturbing.

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5. The camera, no matter if its on your phone or not, becomes the natural extension of your arm. Everything is documented even though we have no idea what are we going to do with the photos, but someday we’ll need them…

6. “Experiment” is our second name

We always try new things, new products, new places… We dive in bold ideas and almost always say “yes” to everything new… Of course, that doesn’t mean the outcome of the experiments is always pleasant, but everything in the name of the blog, right?

7. We are a community!

Yes, a little sect with all of its social features – best friends, collabs, the popular kids, the cool kids, the enemies, the nerds… gossip and intrigue even. Mhmm.. we have it all.

8. Being a “blogger” requires a lot of different qualifications

Even though you don’t want to learn HTML, widgets, codes, Photoshop, all kinds of technology, advertising, social media management, PR, etc. with time you start to amaze yourself with the stuff you know and do. 

16 Things You Don't Know About BloggersImage: Pixabay.com

9. The first time someone calls you a “blogger” you feel like you’ve just climbed mount Everest…. without oxygen.. alone.. and with bare feet.

10. Being a blogger requires a lot of courage

To write about your life openly to people you don’t even know is really strange. But most of the times the blog becomes you diary, the blog is your safe-place, your perfect spot. And when you write about personal things, hitting the “publish” button gives you butterflies in the stomach.

11. The internet is a insidious place!

Anybody who “showed” himself online got all kinds of comments. From creepers to online hate the palette of comments about the blog is really colourful. But – that’s life.

12. The weekend is the most active period of week for a blogger

Your free time is occupied with blogger stuff – fixing up the banner, codes, posts, social networks, lists of thing to do, taking photos, answering to comments, giving advice, doing research on a new post, writing, writing, writing.

16 Things You Don't Know About Bloggers

13. Despite all the hard work and devotion that go into the blog, it never becomes your obligation

The blog is your hobby, your pleasure. And maybe someday – it will become a real job. When you open your page and see things you like, things that YOU made… the feeling is one of a kind.

14. Being a blogger is.. not exactly free

From buying a domain name, a theme, a plugin to all the costs you have “experimenting”… when you draw the line the final sum if pretty big.

15. It’s addictive!

When you start harvesting the fruits of a successful blog (the positive attention, media coverage, nice people you meet on the streets and all sorts of wonderful stuff) you want more and more. You want to be better, to always have something new to share with people. Then you become a blog addict.

16. When you’re a blogger you sometimes you forget to stop writing. Oops..


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Travel blogger and tourism graduate from Bulgaria, working in the field of Digital Marketing and PR for travel brands.

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  • Great list! I was just reflecting the other day on how I knew some basics of marketing, Photoshop, social media, UX design, etc. I wondered how I had gotten to know so many of these seemingly random things, and was like ‘Oh yea, all from blogging!’