Three Trolls Board Games Bar in Sofia

Address: 24 Chataldzha street, Sofia

Facebook page: ThreeTrolls

Entrance: 5 BGN (2,50 EUR)

Board games bar “Three Trolls” in Sofia is a place where you can spend hours playing board games with your friends. You can choose from more than 150 games and almost as many drinks at the bar. 

Board Games Bar in Sofia


The place is made to feel like home. There is a one time entrance fee of 5 BGN (around 2,50 Euro) and you can stay as long as you want. Our group of friends stayed 7 hours and I still don’t know how the time passed by so fast. 


Board Games Bar in Sofia


Among the most interesting board games in the bar are Dix It, Cards Against Humanity, Carcassonne, Game of Thrones and many more. If you are a board game lover and you are visiting Sofia this place is for you!


Board Games Bar in Sofia

For sure board games are a great way to spend your lazy Sunday or just any day with friends having fun and bonding. I will definitely make regular visits there and I recommend you check it out, too. If you like logic and mistery, you can also check out some of the escape rooms in Sofia I went:

Have you ever been in a board games bar anywhere in the world?

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